JAHM - BBQ - 04.19.2021

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JAHM - BBQ - 04.19.2021.


Today, having slept for a few hours after lunch, I thought about the question - how do people do business in countries where siesta is common.

I wake up after 3 hours of sleep and I’m not thinking, lol.

You can say that I need to start the whole day from the beginning, wash up. drink coffee, remember your dreams and, only then, try to think about something else.

I'm sure a siesta before BBQ if you're planning an afternoon BBQ is not a very good deal lol.

Usually when I barbecue I am awake all day, but after the stomach is full of charcoal grilled meat, I can sleep for a couple of hours.

With great difficulty and remembering where the appropriate keys are on the keyboard, I type this text and burn another batch of Jahm coins.


I will burn 300 #JAHM coins!

Jahm Coin Burning Monitor: 28183,97841671 + 300 = 28483,97841671 Jahm.
In total, we sent 28483,97841671 #Jahm coins to the furnace.

You can see the confirmation of the transaction below.


All #Jahm coins I earn by voting for your comments and for this post will be on fire and sent to @null.

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