JAHM - BBQ - 04.20.2021

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JAHM - BBQ - 04.20.2021.


Usually, BBQ is not the fastest way to cook meat and vegetables.

Sometimes, I spend a day marinating food, then I need to make a fire, wait until the firewood burns out and, only then, I start cooking shish kebab on hot coals, but without the presence of an open fire.

But, sometimes, when, all of a sudden, relatives or friends come to us, I use some tricks to quickly cook a shish kebab.

Typically, for quick options, I use chicken, which is marinated in beer and highly carbonated water with spices, salt and oil.

This method speeds up the process.

When I started my publications, I went into the long, grueling process of burning #Jahm coins every day, not hoping for a quick barbecue.

But, polo is a little different than I expected.

Chicken, or barbecue chicken, can be called the national dish of #Jamaica, and apparently my comparison with the quick way of cooking kebab has a logical grain, lol.

It was from #Jamaica that the news came, which gives me mixed feelings.

On the one hand, I move faster towards the goal, but, on the other hand, I do not like emotional gestures, which, as a result, can sadden the one who made them.

But, as they say, what is done is done.

Take a look at this screenshot. This is the number of #Jahm coins burned to date, of which I have burned only a small part.


These coins were burned by the highly esteemed @donald.porter.

You see two transactions.


I think that most of you know this guy well and to understand the situation, I recommend reading a post written by him about his intentions to burn a little less than a million #Jahm coins in the near future, taking into account those coins that have already been burned.

This is important news in the life of the #Jahm coin, its economy and further development, but I cannot stop there and continue to do what I started.

As usual, I burn some #Jahm coins.


I will burn 300 #JAHM coins!

Jahm Coin Burning Monitor: 28483,97841671 + 300 = 28783,97841671 Jahm.
In total, we sent 28783,97841671 #Jahm coins to the furnace.

You can see the confirmation of the transaction below.


All #Jahm coins I earn by voting for your comments and for this post will be on fire and sent to @null.

20210212184037 1.jpg

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