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RE: Cub Finance Audit is Live | $20m TVL, Kingdoms Update and LeoBridge

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Awesome update, So maybe I missed is kingdom replacing the den?


Kingdoms will replace all Dens except for the CUB Den at launch. Kingdoms will also have higher APRs than Dens since the contract is composable (stacking yield from CUB + ___ BSC platform).

We're also reaching out to some BSC platforms about integrating CUB pools/dens so it's possible that the CUB den will eventually be replaced by a CUB kingdom which will have the same 15X CUB rewards + rewards from another BSC platform (i.e. PCS or Goose)

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Will this be an automatic transfer or will we need to move things around on a user end?

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The whole selling point of Kingdoms is that it uses an auto-compounding smart contract and takes a fee for doing so. I highly assume that there is zero interaction from the user after a Kingdom has been set. Maybe you still have to harvest the CUB you earn for them but the following (confusing) sentence sounds like you don't even have to do that:

Kingdom contract also earns CUB rewards and sends to the user's wallet to harvest

As per my little understanding Harvest would be a must.

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I meant when change happens from dens to kingdoms, will there be anything we have to do, or will it be an automatic change over. I am aware of the automatic compounding

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If someone could change the contract you put your funds in from a den to a kingdom, then that would be very bad.

You will have to move the funds yourself.

There should be a 24 hour period without fees where you can move your funds out of the den and then into a kingdom if you want.

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Kingdom vs EdenOS