Walmart (Again)Telling Us Things Are Bad

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Walmart reported its numbers for the Q2. This is starting to be a trend. The main issue is that consumers are spending more on their basics, meaning things like consumer electronics, clothing and furniture are not being purchased. We see the inventory levels adding up necessitating aggressive discounting on the price.

In this video we discuss how this is all part of a larger picture that is forming. For this reason, we have to be cautious with the economic outlook.

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the economic situation is complicated that is why consumers only buy the basics and do not spend what they do not have that is why inventories accumulate and these companies will have to devise new strategies to try to sell that merchandise

I see a lot of bloody days coming up for fall, it'll become beyond brutal probably.

This has been a HUGE struggle for the @hivelist store. Not only the prices keep changing, but then the shipping, OMG the shipping.

I wish we could get into selling food, but on a global scale, that would be difficult. Maybe when I get to the farm.

So we are always looking for ideas on things that people are actually looking for. We want to provide useful things as well as discretionary items.

Unfortunately it's not looking like it is going to get any better.

I saw the headlines from the earnings report last night and it definitely looks like the retail store could not get rid of its inventory. As you said in the video, it's going to make its way up but it will take time to play out. So I think the job cuts will be happening soon enough.

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