Hive Rises, BTC and ETH Charts, Trending, Botched Solana NFT Market Launch

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Coin Logic TV with your favorite van life living, #crypto investing, digital nomad! Hope your week has gone well!

Today we are just going over the markets and how BTC has been kind of stagnant but the alt coins have been on a run!

Checking the charts and watching #HIVE jump to $.70 and checking out BTC and ETH charts as well.

I then talk about some of the upcoming #NFT projects I have going on... It's been a busy couple of weeks, lol. Then I talk a bit about the NFT market launch on the #solana #blockchain that didn't happen. Hopefully it will soon because it is causing a delay in the launch of the @hashbots NFT series on the Solana chain. That collection has started to be released on #BSC through and #Polygon through Opensea.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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You should stream on @vimm also. :D

There are a good amount of restream platforms that support vimm so you can stream to both vimm and twitch.

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I will give them a shot again soon. Was having constant issues, could have also been internet, but I have tested YouTube on the same connection and it seems to be fine.

If you need any assistance just pop over to their discord or DM me if you like and
I'll help out as much as I can.

There was a period of issues when they where switching to livepeer as their streaming server provider but they have since switched back to their own servers after disagreements with livepeer so things are back to being pretty stable.

Communities I run: Gridcoin (GRC)(PeakD) / Gridcoin (GRC) (| Fish Keepers (PeakD) / Fish Keepers (
Check out my gaming stream on VIMM.TV | Vote for me as a Hive witness! and Hive-engine witness!

And it was my son’s 22nd, not 21st birthday… lol… it’s already happening, lol. Getting old, lol.

HIVE will KEEP rising, and we will be added to visa debit card soon

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