Friday Update BTC ETH HIVE Charts - Cypto Plus Van Life Equals Freedom

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Coin Logic TV!

Update: Posted later than I wanted due to slow upload speed on the connection I was using... Sorry...But hey, it's still Friday! LOL

Today we are checking out a nice green market overall as Bitcoin finds support on the 200 Day Simple Moving Average. I would watch for further consolidation for the next few days as the momentum is over heated and there is bearish divergence all over the market cipher indicator.

Also looking at ETH and then the awesome fun my favorite blockchain, Hive, is on! The Hive charts look extremely bullish!

Then I get into a bit of a rambling thing about how my push into #crypto and my rock star #nomad #vanlife lifestyle has lead to me finding my own personal freedom! I give you a little background on the dude and where I am going!

You too can find your own personal freedom outside of this corrupt system we have been raised in!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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That intro music is crazy loud compared to the rest of the video. Scared the crap outa me xD


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Sorry for all of the comments, I should wait till the end.. But hey, if your business is not making money because you keep reinvesting profit, like Jeff Bezos did with Amazon, I see nothing wrong with that if you have records to prove your expenses..... Servers, Making "Reward Pools" I think would be an expense, right? Each time you drive to a new place to do recording, it cost gas, thats a business expense... Am I looking at this all wrong? I plan to make my LLC very soon and just asking questions.

I don’t really drive around to do recordings unless the place I am currently sitting is just not a good location. But yes you can do it that way as well. I log so many miles as a delivery driver that it all works out for me that way. But yes, I know Youtubers that do that. Servers are an expense for sure and get written off. Basically anything you use for your business, and I consider this a business.

when you get into your van stories please remember to tag me. Just incase i miss it. @pinkfloyd878