Coin Logic Market Update Watching for ETH-BTC Trade, Added Osmosis to the Index

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Coin Logic TV! Took a week off to handle some other developments and such, but back in the saddle this week!

This week we are going over the trending markets, looking at charts and just kind of seeing where we stand at this point in time with #Bitcoin and the greater crypto markets!

Talked about selling my #Solana to go into #Hive and a couple of other things for development purposes, but was able to add in Osmosis OSMO to the Coin Logic Index. It is a defi token in the Cosmos ecosystem and doing very well. Will do a detailed video on this platform another time.

But that's really the gist of it. Pretty short and to the point today, well, as much as I can stay to the point, lol.

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NICE! You adding in OSMO.
I am a huge Cosmos/IBC fan.

I am quite vested in OSMO. It is my biggest crypto holding right now :)

Yeah I am considering actually cutting some of my cub stake and moving it to OSMO. I have been using it for a while. Just realized I could add it to the list on the site, lol.

yeah CUB has been a bust.

I would some sola if I haven't stacked them early on but I see hive will jump again

Hive managed to weather the dip very well up will a few days ago, Still up over the month though which is nice.

It's going to be interesting to see how hive behaves now that the HBD conversions are settling down with HBD being close to the dollar.

Splinterlands still making tons of accounts but that doesn't seem to be translating into a massive amount of buy pressure 'yet'.. Hopefully soon :D

I've been wanting to diversify but.. I honestly don't really trust or have much interest in anything but hive.. I hold a bit of Gridcoin still but that's mostly payments for work done with gridcoin. Everything else is Cub, Leo, Bit of BNB for TX fees.. Honestly I don't see anything worth bothering with beside stuff connected to HIVE.

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Oh I see value in allot of things outside of Hive and have done really well with other investments but that being said, Hive is the number 1 by far, lol.