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RE: How Volume Profile Changed My Trading Game

in LeoFinance14 days ago

I have not done to much with my stocks lately, but I have another pressing issue my truck broke down in Tallahassee and as a fellow van lifer I was hoping you could help me some how.
I have been stuck here since Friday and it's hot and no hope to get back to my travels without wheels.


I am on the opposite end of the country from you and barely scrapping by myself. I do t really know anyone in that area. I’ve barely been driving myself. Mainly sitting at my ex and kids place using their internet, that I already pay for, lol.

What is wrong with the truck?

Well the transmission went out, but it has probably already been towed away seeking how I left it in Tallahassee... Thanks for getting back to me and sorry I didn't respond sooner just have not been keeping up with things lately.

No worries, sounds like you have been dealing with allot. Good luck!