A tiny silver coin from a tiny country, part 2!

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A few days back I showed you guys a tiny silver coin from 1947, a ⅒ Gulden minted in 1947. A tiny piece coming from a similarly tiny country called Curaçao.

Today I have the same piece, only this one was minted in 1966, almost 20 years later.



Here's the 1947 again to refresh your memory:



Woah! What happened? Did the queen of Netherlands get more fat? Well, although Wilhelmina did get fatter, she was in the meantime replaced by queen Juliana !

Other than the different queen, the two coins are pretty much the same


Rougly, same amount and same purity of silver..just a bit less of 0.9g of silver in total.

Anyways, that's the two 1/10g coins I have, hope you liked em. Soon I'll share some more sexy silver coins from the same country!

In other news, I had a nice surprise while leaving the hotel today:


Can't see it? Let me zoom that a bit for ya!


Ok, back to enjoying the view from cruise !



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Where to this time?

Home 😑

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Great content my deer friend!🤐


A tenth Gulden Silver coin is small. Collecting lot of these can be fun !

You're totally living my dream hahaha. That view of the sea is absolutely amazing.

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Sexy gulden silver satisfaction.
Bon Voyage @trumpman

Tanks ! 🥰

Wow it is nice knowing about the coin which is pretty nice and thanks for sharing.

1966 is the best year for a coin, nice boart picture.

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1966 is the best year for a coin

Why? Lol

Nice view! Looks like a good time!

Btw why no dude coins?????? I miss them!

hope you liked em.

sorry but I like at least four horny dudes on my silver coins

Nice coin and I hope you enjoy your cruise.

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What a beautiful coin <3


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