Fuck for crypto !

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Ahhhhhhh it's good to see people trying their best to rug innovate in the crypto space despite the bear market!

Meet SEXN.finance


SEXN: web 3.0 sexual app that implements the sex-to-earn concept. SEXN is designed to give users two of the indispensable things that humans love most: sex and money.

Woah what a mind blowing idea! And I bet any resemblance to STEPN is pure coincidence 😂

As if we didn't have enough dead porn tokens. But this one has nfts, woah!


Get rugged today at https://www.sexn.finance/

As for me.. I will wait for FEXN (fart to earn). I will be a millionaire in a matter of days! 💨💨💨💨💨💨🤑🤑🤑


Crypto is literally a joke industry.

Money grabbers and apes willing to follow.

In a few months projects will promote themselves as rugs and still make millions lol

Axiemoron? LMAO

Yeah, I felt the need to address my greed properly lol

A crypto that very few wanted but one that everybody needs.

Well said


how about RUXN ( rug to earn) ? nothing like a honest ponzi scheme to get the investors excited :)

Woah, what a concept!

Didn't Hive have a porn token, whatever happened to that? You would think this would do well, so many people into the porn scene.

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Well I guess everybody wanted to earn, nobody to pay 😂

Hahaha. Dam I'm married with 2 kids. This one's not for me, I'll definitely be left holding a full bag while everyone emptied theirs.

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Sounds like a rug but it's good enough for a laugh. I wonder if the lonely guys will feel sad when they see it happen.

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Weirdest thing I've read all day 🤣


I don't care how much this is but sign me up! untitled.gif


A app to earn token. you need buy nft to sexercise !


No thanks this one is all yours. Whatever happened to those strange coins you found months ago like cum token and shit like that?

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All dead. Who would have thought 😂😂😂

Yeah well it seems to be the trend….


Iam looking forward for the first porn site, to reward their viewers with tokens. We will be filled up with this token maximalist and refferals suggestions!

There have been lots actually, all dead today

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Hahahaha, I guess that would be a serious motive to start hitting up the bars again! So I need to buy a condom NFT in order to make safe intercourses? 😂