Just invested 500 hbd on ecobanker

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It's been a while since I last gambled invested in something new. To be honest I am surprised I did that well in the past years considering I am a dumb potato.

Took enough profits near the top to sustain me for many years of bears to come, bought me some fancy gifts etc etc.

So the plan was to simply keep making my current bags bigger ( like BTC, ava, hbd etc) and simply chill and shitpost on hive for the free money. It feels comfortable and nice.

Anyways, a few days I decided to get out of my waters and took 500 hbd out of my savings to invest info @ecobanker


The main reason for doing that is cause it's run by @ecoinstant who seems to me like he is smart when it comes to money... so I said fuck it, it's worth a small gamble.

If you wonder what it is, assuming I get it right, he plans to set up a crack house in Columbia for rich white guys to have gay orgies. Or something like that.

What I really like though is that he went 100% legal legit mumbo jumbo...Heck, I will even be applicable for a Columbian investor visa if I KYC, lmao😂

Tldr, I invested in this shithole, pray for me:

credit: @ecobanker

You can read more about the project and all the recent updates at https://peakd.com/@ecobanker if you want to learn more and/or burn a few hbds.

Nfa as always.

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pro tip: never ask trumpman to promote your project, he's marketing is .... unique :P

It is what it is

The best part is Trumpman volunteered!

This is a different forms of investment, how do you get paid when the business start running

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The token represents common stock, we do the books in December and based on profits will vote how much to distribute and how much to reinvest.
Dividends should go out sometime in January 2023, if there are any profits this year - we are working hard to make it so.

Members will also get a % commission from sending their friends. We will have our first commissionable package open this summer so its possible to make some money faster by helping us be more successful.

How can I the token and where can I get it from?

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Before June 3rd, the only way to participate is by following the instructions in this post sending HBD, SWAP.HBD or SWAP.BUSD to @ecobanker account or BUSD to the address listed in the official post.

After June 3rd, the tokens will be distributed and tradeable on hive-engine markets at whatever price the market decides.

I invested in this shithole, pray for me

Doing that now...

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Thanks fren

Damn! I just read about the project and it sounds like a real deal. Will look into it properly and see if I am ready to dive in.

I did a similar investment in a Donut Chain from USA, but I bought NFTs that represent shares in the business. Ecobank is using HE Tokens which is even better. The best part, no paperwork, no KYC bullshit.

BTW I have followed almost all of your NFAs since I joined. Worked well for me so far. 🔥 Keep them coming Trump - The Web3 VC. xD

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so if i send some HBD to @ecobanker i will be an partial owner of crack house in Columbia for rich white guys to have gay orgies?

is that how it works?

because there is no token still?

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token is reserved will be distributed shortly after June 3rd when the presale closes. After that the market will do its thing.

Read more here

I think eco covered ya 🥰

I mean you already had me with the "..crack house in Columbia"! This seems like a very great idea, I would investigate it further and maybe I will follow your lead!


hahahahaha, you know it's true brother! 😂

Crack is life


I slept like a baby last night.
I woke every two hours and cried.

Credit: reddit
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Honestly you are so funny. I know you are a smart investor. I going to get 10 HBD worth of ecobanker. I convert some of my other funds and buy !

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Ecobanker includes his real estate project right? If so, I already invested some HBD there and I should be getting 100 tokens when everything is set up.

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Yes that one!

It's an interesting project I've been following you for a long time and with the effort you're putting into it, I'm sure it will turn out well. In addition, he now has a stake in a running hotel that is already generating income.

I have a project to be a trading agent but of course I need about $5k not much to start and I would share 60% of what I earn hahaha.

Hey watch out for the monkey pox, lustful jajaja just kiding XD

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so I said fuck it, it's worth a small gamble.

500 HBD is not a small money for poor person like me sir 😪


If you wonder what it is, assuming I get it right, he plans to set up a crack house in Columbia for rich white guys to have gay orgies or something. Or something like that.

Sounds like something worth investing in :D

*rich old white guys

as long they are rich and spend the money :D


Happy to have you aboard grand shill!

Let's make those monies



You should seriously consider bridging some HBD over to Polygon as pHBD and entering the pHBD-USDC pool on PolyCUB. nearly 30% APY

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I have a small amount I feel comfortable with . Generally I stay away from defis



So you invested in a crack house? Well been a while you gambled, maybe, wen billionaire?

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I support crack houses and gay orgies. Not a bad investment at all.

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So glad to see a fellow bro invested in this project. I am extremely excited about it and can't wait to see how it plays out!

We will go to the moon together!

That is something interesting, thank you for sharing and will give it a look :)

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Just read up about this and is very different to the normal investments.

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Gay orgies aren't bad either though

Yes, though the main reason I gambled is eco

If had 500 hbd i would get married


It's looks like a great investment, is it really a crack house

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Actually no, more like a hotel thingie :)

500 HBD is not a small amount. Hope your investment goes well =D

We shall see, in all seriousness it's an interesting project to get

what could possibly go wrong

A perfect gamble 😅😂


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LMAO! 😂😆

What goes on in Columbia, stays in Columbia no doubt! lol