More retarded web 3.0 shit!

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Ok, this web 3.0 shit is getting ridiculous. Blog to earn... step to earn... sex to earn and finally.. finally we got sing to earn!

Allow me to introduce you to the latest crap nobody asked for:


Oh yeah! Finally! I can sing while taking a poop and become a multi millionaire thanks to Stage!

What an amazing concept! And what's even more amazing is that community comes first! They even have the word community in their domain name.

Not convinced yet? Then this will!


Oofff, I am so relieved and happy knowing the team behind stage is just so selfless! This is definitely a not rug pull scam!

Can't wait for wipe your ass to earn and then I'll die a happy man!

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@epic-fail wen fart to earn? We wanna know.

untitled.gifI’m thinking we need fart-to-earn. That would be way more entertaining.

That's the future we are heading too


The latest news out from Andrex is Wipe2Earn.


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La la la la laaaaa
la la la la laaaa.
That will be 2HIVE please




Well, this made me laugh, I can't wait to see your shitty, song video! lol

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Lol - great post. Plus, I dont think the 'sing-2-earn' concept is new. I think its been around for millennia actually. Maybe they hadnt realised - never heard a band in a pub, a busker on the underground, etc - where have they been ?

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Very true. I think Jaskier was probably the first Bard who invented it in medieval times:

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 109 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I would prefer call it Proof of Singing, and milk some music notes as tokens. 🤠😅

Interesting. I mostly sing in the shower. Never tried on the toilet.

Since there's literally " earn" I think everything people can do brings every possibility of earning. Some project owners just wants to be differently creating.

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Now gimme sleep-to-earn projects and I'll be the richest man in the world.

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You remember those old Guinness commercials where the two old guys came up with ridiculous ideas and concluded with cries of "brilliant!" while drinking up?

Whenever I see dumb ideas like this I hear a sarcastic cry of "brilliant!" in my head.

So many to earn tokens. Soon there be a watch a movie to earn !

I must dust off the flairs, tighten the balls and do a stay alive to become a whale in this there community.

Sing for me! Here is a !BEER

Oh yeah! Finally! I can sing while taking a poop and become a multi millionaire thanks to Stage!

I got idea..

Poop to Earn.

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wipe your ass to earn would be really useful, it takes a lot of effort to clean that sticky stuff and it would be nice to get some crypto from dealing with my own shit :)

Quitting Hive. Off to make a name for myself. untitled.gif

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