My Canadian Silver #1 - 1 Dollar 1965

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In my last silver "unboxing" it popped to me how a good chunk of my silver coins actually come from Canada, so I'll be spending the next few weeks showing off those pieces.

Today let's start with my favorite, a chunky one dollar from 1965



A pretty simple piece with not much fluff. On one side a young queen Elizabeth. On the other we have:

A voyageur and an aboriginal traveling by canoe, carrying bundles of which one bears the initials "HB" for Hudson's Bay Company, with the denomination at the bottom and the country name at the top


The edge is plain as well, with no letters or stuff


A big heavy silver coin that feels nice to hold. It feels like... real money!



The euro coin is like a joke compared to it lmao 🤣

23.33 g of 0.800 silver. Very Nice!

All in all, an elegant simple and heavy piece. I love it 🥰🥰

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Now we're bringing out the big daddy coins. And speaking of daddy, that's where I got my Canadian silver dollars as left to me by my late father's estate.
This July 1st is Canada Day and #hpud so I will we showing a few Canadian silver. I love the unique voyager style rather than the original 1911 Commonwealth Wreath proposed.

Looks like they are canoeing an emoji poop 💩



I used to have one of the canadian silver dollars when I was a kid - but have no idea where it is now ! It was a nice coin.

I do love the owl design on the Euro coin though _ I assume harking back to Athenian days in Greece

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Exactly, I have talked about the owl a bit in the past

Kanu dudes forever!

I have 2 of them too!



Awesome- Do all coins from Canada have a picture of Lizzie on them?


It it true that any Vatican City euro coins are worth a good few bob?
Word on the street says they are hot property.

No idea, first time I hear that. Unless there's a joke I missed in your comment 🤣

No for once I'm being serious . The aul Vatican euro like everything in the Vatican is hot property. Limited mint. So if you ever come across one keep it.

I will! Thanks for the tip!

beautiful heavy piece with good purity. Canadian coins have more drawings about Elizabeth.

After 8 minutes already more than 120 upvotes... This is getting out of hand :P

I have made many friends over the years!

I can see that clearly. You have worked hard :) I congratulate you for your perseverance.

A nice Canadian silver coin. It looks chunky, thought it was at least 1oz !

Before I started seeing your silver stash, I thought silver can only appear in ash colour. I guess Canada has a rich history regarding these coins

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Ass color?

Ash 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Looking pretty!


Euro design is very strange, it's like showing monuments about its shape

Some info about the dressing if that euro coin!

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2 guys 1 canoe the original inspiration for 2 girls 1 cup


Definitely look like a coin worth acquiring and possessing

Nice, nice coin!
Stack on!

No you. You are a nice coin!

Nice coin. For some reason, I thought the hudson bay was in the US but I guess I was wrong.

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