Silver 50 Francs (1930)

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Today's coin is yet another very beautiful silver piece, this time from Belgium. A 50 francs minted in 1950.

Let's first see the front side:


A very easy portrait to recognize, feathers on the head and a Caduceus on the bottom


If you still don't get it, I guess you are not familiar at all with Greek mythology. It's the Greek god Hermes, herald of the gods and protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves (lmao), merchants, and orators.


The back side is plain but imo quite epic with that sexy lion holding the Belgian constitution!


When it comes to size, a respectable standard circulation coin, 12.5 g of 0.835 silver or almost 10.5 g of silver!

Here are some more characteristics pulled from numista


All in all, a great example of minimalistic beauty, don't ya agree??

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Anyway you dice it, the design bears an uncanny resemblance to the American cousin of the US Mercury dime.

Thanks for showing the cool Silver Coin, @trumpman. I took a class, in High School, on Greek Mythology. Most interesting.

That's a good looking coin. Silver 50 Francs. It's contains 12.5 grams of 5/6 pure silver !

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Well, how much is minimalistic?
The epic stories behind these coins, who writes them? 😂😂😂

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Nice coin, indeed!
Stack on, @trumpman !

I like them nice and simple. I only buy usually with a minimum of 1oz though.

Big fan of these Belgian Franc pieces.

And as I know from one of your previous pickups, they're NOT the same as the French Francs haha.

I don't know about the sexy lion, it looks like he's singing and having a bad hair day in my mind :P

Yes, I like how minimalistic the coin is.

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