Silver Bolivars!

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If Venezuela is known for something is for it's total shitty currency. They literally are the cumdogeinuelon of real coins.

Yet, things probably weren't like that since forever! And today I scored on Facebook two little beauties reminding us of that!



Two venezuelan silver pieces from 1954, 50 centimos (2.5 g of 0.835 silver) and 25 centimos (1.25 g of 0.835 silver). That's a total of about 3.5 g of silver.

I paid more than I wanted (8 euros) but fuck it, they will be a fine and unique addition to my collection. And a new country!

Now that I think of it... I'll soon be one the few people with Bolivar money that's actually worth something 😂

The silver in these coins is worth about 2.5 $ which apparently would make me a millionaire in Venezuela 🥳🥳🥳


I Wonder if all those millions are enough to buy a loaf of bread there 🤔😂

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Sup there, do you wanna coins from Venezuela? I'm a numismatic from Maracaibo, Zulia, I had a bigger collection, but hunger is harsh and sold the most expensive ones long ago. Still, those coins are actually the ugly ones, venezuela was know for the quality of the details on the silver, gold, and mixed ones, in fact venezuela pre socialism government was very adamant on keeping a gold backup for the money, but Chavez thought other wise.. by the time he realized the mistake, it was already late.

Anyways, if you want i could show you my mom collection and mine, to see if you like some :)

Nice, you in discord?

Yep, are u in pob server? Or any of the popular ones? If so, just search me, palnet, hivewatcher and many others, are also choices.

8 euros :O

you bought all Venezuelan wealth for 8 euro :O

it's a real beauty! Horse power!



$2.5 is about 12.5 VES. With that you can't buy much. VEF is not used here anymore. 😀

Ahh I see. What can you do with that money,? Is it enough to eat for a day?

A family of five needs $455 only for food in a month. That means that we need $15 daily. With 12.5 VES you could buy 1kg of rice and 4 eggs...

Thanks again for showing the real Money, @trumpman. A little Silver is going to go a long way, in the near future. The question will be, “how much is that, in loaves of bread?” I'm pulling for ya, Venezuela.

Here's my only 2 Bolivars worth.
My Venezuelan Ladies of Hive are a resilient bunch and we can learn a thing or two from them on surviving a crappy economy.

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i see all that beauty coins on hive :O

I admire the Ladies of Hive members who are from that country.

In my familiar house in Venezuela I have a piggy bank with many old coins from 1980 hahaha. Is nice to see how the parents in that time try to create in you a mindset about saving money and how now the people try to expense it because lose value through the time

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what is the colouring on the coin?

can you treat it to make it shine again?

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 107 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @trumpman, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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The look of this coin seems so different but looks nice as well

Damn. That shit's worth less the LUNA


I think you can exchange those millions for a loaf of bread if you buy it soon but I'd rather keep the silver.

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Same time EURO becoming more and more shitty every year!

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Venezuela produce some nice coins. Bolivar Libertador is a fine piece, it's the first time I seen this !

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It's always kind of cool to get coins from different countries, especially if they have silver in them!



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