This is What Stable Coin Defi Was Made For...

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Good Bloody Morning Everyone,

First of all.. WTF.


Now that I have that out of the way, if you didn't feel some concern looking at your wallets this morning you are stronger than me or insane.

So, I cursed, whined and then tried to make a plan. If the market continues to dump I want to be in a stable coin, but if we see a quick recovery I want to be in BTC.. I don't have a crystal ball so defi is where it is at for me

DEFI is relatively untested in a bear market and over sold in the bull-market, so I realize it's a risk but my first move this morning was to take a little BTC and move to USDT and from here I think I'm going to begin moving a percentage each day into defi.

Stop by our discord channel... THE Pulse to visit about Market activities.

This approach allows we to see how the market is moving and reacting and also how defi is reacting.


In the early days of CUB I went heavy into the BNB/Cub pool which was great for earning CUB, but ultimately sucked due to CUB not holding the value I wanted to see. While I never got out, I quit feeding it and over time it will recover.

I can see this BTC dip touching near $30k or lower


I have a pretty high risk tolerance right now, so I'm going to be slow and steady moving the USDT I have on exchanges over to Cub/BUSD until I see a sudden jump in BTC.

I am absolutely not recommending this approach to everyone, I'm not in a position to need these funds right away and my life will be okay if anything happens.

This slow move in also allows me to take my time moving around.

For the record I am still heavy in BTC based on my portfolio ratio, but I figure some risk diversity is worth it here.

If I were really risky, I'd just go all in BUSD/CUB farm right now, but I want to move slowly so I can see how it reacts with the market changes..

Wish me luck, and I hope your investment strategy pays off.


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You can thank me for the reversal that happened close to $31205. That's when I traded into USDT. Took the blow for all the rest of you (whenever I trade it reverses, its a known fact).

This is usually true for me as well. I longed DOGE at .72... And ended that ridiculousness.

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I have a feeling we have not yet seen the bottom, so it may not end in tears. Talk about a different view every day...

Keep away from the joke coins!

Besides the CUB den the majority of my DeFi is in BUSD/CUB. That seemed to be the best play as I started to see some of the volatility that was happening with BLEO and BNB. I am glad now that I made that move. It might have cost me a little bit at the time to move over, but it would have cost me far more if I had stayed. At least for now anyway. If things turn around then we are all winning!

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I also went in pretty hard in the last couple of weeks to that combination

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Using the Defi game hard here! It was absolutely made for these kind of conditions. Took profits a while back and have allot in the usdt/BUSD farm on Cub as well as the Cub/BUSD pool. Using the rewards to get more BTCB and ETH while it’s low! Can’t wait for kingdoms.

Great post! This will be great for our audience at Reposting so it will show on the front page feed!

Nice, I answered this before, but I guess it didn't post.

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Seems like a good move, For me I'm adding in a little extra as I can or it feels right to. I have no intentions of pulling it out and simply keep earning more CUB. If the project takes off I'll be in a good spot. If it doesn't I wouldn't have risked much either.

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That's a nice safe approach. The whole market is down and all over, so my cub is doing what everything is doing.


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From what I've been reading, it seems a lot of people are taking that same approach or at least a very similar one, myself included.

I think it's a smart play right now. I hope it pays off so good luck to us!

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i heard this in your real voice, which is funny because the Theranos woman was just copying your real low voice lol i know you worked in healthcare too lol

they were copying you lol its a small world and AI makes it even smaller

Elizabeth Holmes copies me! lol. :)

I wish you best in your DeFi activities. I am still curious if to invest in the CUB-BUSD Pool. Right now I am only in the CUB Den and DEC-BUSD Pool. Maybe some more diversification in the Cub Finance would be primising, who knows. But I will not do any moves before Kingdoms is released. I cannot wait for the final announcement!

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Kingdoms is up and running I just dropped a couple of Cake in there to test it out.

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Good luck :)

I'm so far from all this defi things and also to everything related to ethereum, those smart contracts I hear, wiped tokens... etc. All I know is mostly hive and what looks like it. Tribes and tokens I understand. I also don't understand yeald farming. Anyway, I think I have to learn about all that. It seems very important to know.

But, can you please explain in an easy language, what's cub ? Why everyone is talking about it ? Without details, just what do you think I need to know about it ? I alsoheard that it's price is always dropping, but people keep buying it. What's the special thing about it ? I know leo, but I have no idea about what's cup is. I just saw recently that could be earned by staking leofinance. But, I don't know, maybe that's the reason to stake leo.


Risk/reward is good.

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Nice. I'm very extended in that pool, and haven't figured out if I should put more into the pool now. Is it better to buy cub and pool against BUSD now that it is low?
I have a fair bit of cub in the den and then used some to buy cake. Do you keep cub in the den?

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