Cub Below 3$... A Good Buy???

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It seems Cub is taking heat from the recent bears and price plunged below 3$(currently at 2.973$). Unlike the last time when dip continued to 1.87$, I am not sure cub dive will continue for too long this time.

Cub Price.png

With Cub farms and dens offering juicy APRS thanks to heavy multipliers, Cub is gonna find strong support. Also there is positive sentiment regarding recent Certik Audit Report and the upcoming Kingdoms Contracts.

BTW I just noticed, that a new GUI update has already got pushed showing Kingdoms and Certik Audit with Kindoms backend yet to be deployed.

To me Cub anywhere below 3$ is a nice buy, especially for those looking to move into Kingdoms.


Moon Soon!!!

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I just bought some yesterday. Figures it would dip. Lol

It is rising again. lolzzz
Good luck.

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I hear ETH DOT HBAR All will MOON like a tesla on autopilot.

Hey Stan, good seeing that you're still kickin'! I hold all except HBAR. First I am hearing of it in fact. I'll look into it. Thanks, brother.

I think it has exponential potential. Not to mention Google and IBM and other Giants are supporting it.

It looks like a awesome place for a good dev to grow.

Did you get DOT when I told you about it? It was 4.20 something then?
It is doing well!

I don't recall you mentioning it but I got some around $32. Just scored some HBAR yesterday so let's see where it goes!

Yes we talked about the founder when I brought it up you dismissed it like all I tell you.

I don't remember 😭

But feeling like this rn. Could have had so much more DOT. Doh

We didn't get it, until we found a multi-crypto wallet to do exchanges without the crooks. The multi wallet is pretty sweet concept. Why didn't I think of that before I sold everything because of the exchanges. We are rebuilding and going to use a new strategy.