Increasing my LEO and CUB stake - DeFi With low balance.

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Today I made a decision.

After reading a post about CUB DeFi on, even if the author is saying she had lost few dollars, I still decided to withdraw my BNB-bLEO.

The reason is simple :

I placed 11bLEO+BNB on the farm and that was at first really giving a lot of money for me. But later I bought $100 of CUB and placed it in the DENS. The earnings were really bigger. Around 10 times more than my farm.

That's why today I decided to withdraw my BNB-bLEO pair. I get back 17bLEO and 0.02 BNB. I'm not sure but it looks like I earned around $10 thanks to that because it's around $30 but when I placed it it was more around $20.

What did I do with that ?

I sent the 17bLEO to Hive blockchain, and swapped my BNB for CUB. Thanks to that I'm now possessing more than 67 CUBs and the farming is really going nice !


Yes this is small compared to people like @onealfa who is making $7000+ just for sleeping each night. But I'm really really happy with my $1.20 a day. If as I am planning I would go to work few months in Togo, with $1.20 a day I can barely live a simple everyday life. The minimum salary is around $50 per month.
(the mention is absolutely not to ask for your massive upvote)

As many of you are probably witnessing, POB price is hitting the top and I received some. I also sold it and bought 4.25 LEO with it. I don't want to bother you longer with my numbers but I sent some to get 5LBI from @lbi-token and staked 16 LEO.

It's really getting slow but I'm really approaching my goal of 100 LEO.


I'm happy to see my curation getting higher day after day. Even if it's only 0.006 Leo low when I upvote we can now see I upvoted. That's nothing but for me that is a little success !



My actions on hive

Since I made a post about my goals for this year, I'm happy to see that for the moment I'm really going in the right way to success !

I'm really trying to apply an advice I saw on this post. Each time I read a post, I comment it trying to say something constructive. And that works ! Since some time I'm having more rewards, more followers and more comments under my posts. That's just encouraging me to continue that way !


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I started with that one just to get some CUB. After stacking CUB-BUSD LP I started adding CUBs to the den. After reading the latest @lbi-token report however, I learned that it was the safest Farm to be in, and I actually added some more bLEO-BNB LP the other day. Switching strategies is smart! Thanks for sharing your experience. Stick around, it will just get better.

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I'm just full into the Den now ! with the farm I was just may bg too much fees !

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It is a smart move to add more to your stake. That is what it is all about. Keep growing your bags.

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Thank you ! I'm sure CUB defi will go far. The price is down now, that is just the time to buy more !

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hello bro...its funnel from noise....just followed

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Thank you too ! That's a pleasure to buy some SOL !

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