"Toyota Rush Is My Crush; I Mean My Dream Car"

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There has a popular Rhyme in Bangla:

"লেখা পড়া করে যে, গাড়ী ঘোড়া চড়ে সে"
” Who studies, he can ride in a Car or Horse"

I read this Rhyme in our Childhood and after reading that I was able to understand if I want to ride a car I have to study a lot, without being education I can't ride a car. When I was able to understand the motive of the study is not owning a car or riding a car, is something else from then having a personal car become my dream.


In our country, you don't need any graduation for riding a car. The driver is also a profession in our country and for this profession educational qualification, not much important driving skill and driving license is must needed. Millions of graduate people are unemployed, having a job becomes the ultimate dream for those educated people. Do you know one reality in our country, the maximum private car owner has no educational background but they have a political and financial background as well.


But still, I have confidence I will able to buy a car for myself as well as for my family.

Toyota Rush is My Crush:

Dhaka is a city of traffic Jams. You can't enjoy your ride here properly but you can enjoy the traffic. Having a Car is my dream and living in my native city permanently is also my other dream. If I have to live in Dhaka city I will never buy a private Car then I will buy a Motor Bike.

Why Toyota Rush? I was working for a company named Lithe Group. The Managing Director of this company is one of my favorite. I person. I just love his complete personality. Toyota Rush is his most favorite Car. He also loves me very much. Several times I travel with him is his Toyota Rush. It is really so comfortable because of its huge space inside.



This car has some very unique features, that why I like it most. Very stylish looking with perfect size. Smooth run with heavy-duty vehicles. This car is very perfect for making a long journey with your family members, cause it has six people capacity with Six seats. Let's talk about some unique features of it. SUV Chassis, Rough Road Packages, Seatbelt Reminder for All, ABS, VSC, ESS, HAC, LED Headlamps, Steel Rack Cargo Floor, 6 SRS Airbags, Back Sonar, 3 Point ELR Seatbelts for All, Best-in-class Submersion Height, USB Points at Every Row, Versatile Storing Arrangement.


Engine Details:

Engine Model2NR-VE
Engine Type4 Cylinder In-Line
Valve Mechanism16-Valve, DOHC, With DUAL VVT-i
Piston Displacement1496 CC.
Max. Output (hp [kw] / rpm)103 [77] / 6000
Max. Torque (Nm / rpm)136 / 4200
Fuel systemElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)



This car is available in Six Color, Black, Brozen, Maroon, Red, Silver, and White. Among those colors my dream Color is Black.


Price in Bangladesh:

There has a proverb; "Cut your clothes, according to your Clothes". Toyota is selling around 40-50 Lac BDT (47000-58000 USD) in our Country. It's huge money according to our country's economics. This is quite impossible to buy this car doing a private job. Only a profitable business can give me such kind of Big amount. I'm on the way. Planning to do some business. Presently investing in the crypto market and getting good feedback. Hope within 2-3 years I will able to purchase my dream car.

In our country there have lot of Car Showroom and the fresh car is not selling in our country. Maximum car dealers import recondition car and we have to purchase recondition car in our country.

Thanks for being with me, Hope My Hive journey will help a lot to buy my dream car in the future.

All images are collect from: Link


Can you ensure me how is the price of this car in bdt?

45 Lacs

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Ah yes the Toyota Rush is one we're not familiar with, mind you it looks a rather capable SUV, sadlly this has been submitted after the dead line, however we will support the post and look forward to more automotive posts, thank you @shadonchandra

Thanks a lot.

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