😅😨😱Risingstar the worst drop ever😱😨😅

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Good evening, here we are for the daily Risingtar appointment. Today I had to work overtime for half an hour due to a problem with shift coverage, until 14.30. In addition to ending up late to go home and still having to have lunch, the safety shoes gave me a great pain in the heels and then climb behind the whole leg. I still have pain in my legs right now. While in the afternoon I went to a shop to try on a new pair of safety shoes that I see many people wear it. U-power, they seemed very comfortable, but in the end I decided to buy them online because are cheapest there. I don't say the name to not advertise but it's the usual we all know.

I hope it will arrive soon because these days I am really suffering from the pain of walking.
Tomorrow I will have to work another half hour more but I will finish at 14:00.

Risingstar news



Pictures speak themself, a new area? who know but seems new missions. Can't wait 😝
Hipe is growing!!!

Here the top 30 rank update
More changes for today
@holoferncro go right in the middle. 15th position
@dr-boo keep raise and now is right behind me at 19th rank. Have to worry?
@gillianpearce is doing a good work and now reach 23th place
and today we welcome back again @aubryd at 30th position.

in these days i was wondering if when i reach level 280 i could do new mission or had to do 10 Breakout Stage

the answer is? in the middle


so for the next 4 days before go to sleep i will start one of that.

i'm keep doing some Summer Solstice Festival without succed, right now i failed again, that mission is quite nasty 😈👿😈

and now time to show you my worst card drop ever LOL













Only 735 fans


i know @musicuniversity i got you, you give me the SKILL but i wanna the FANS 🤣
but because you are bald like me is OK!!!


ending like this with ego at 2% and 7985 drunken fans

even if i had a bad daily drop today my balance was higher my avarege.


Time to relax for me.
Wish you a wonderful night.
Keep rocking!!!



Looks like your pack openings was very similar to mine. I had the same. 12 rares and the rest commons. I'm still trying to get a Father Earth to begin to begin the summer solstice missions but no luck in 24 packs. 😢

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unlucky, i found it with my first pack of 12 🤔

Yep. Unlucky is my middle name when it comes to pack openings, both here and in Splinterlands. I'm more lucky with the contests. 😁

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Splinterlands lower down a lot the drop rate of cards, also when make potions useless become worse and worse... 🤐

hi @atnep111, The Summer Solstice Festival mission is tough but your cards S21 and S22 are worth a lot,
ashby is musicuniversity???🤔 !LUV

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seems him because in discord have the same image of the card 😎

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Also just did a 12 pack - filled with Grigg and Robbie and no Father earth!! But we keep going!

hold on Mimi you will find it 💪😝

lol you know how these cards love playing hard to get with me!! but I'm getting there faster! stats are improving with each pack so i will buy 12 packs more often!