If I Say it, I Won't Do it - Nora & Gnoll (Original Song and Stop Motion)

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Today's featured song and video from Floob Records is:

Nora and Gnoll!!

Featuring the stop motion animated video for the song

If I Say it, I Won't Do it


Nora and Gnoll is the folky acoustic duet of Lily and Jon @junkfeathers

This song is off the album: Wamsutter, Trailer Songs, and other tales of Woe


blades and blood and poison,
fire, fury, pain,
dismemberment, destruction,
i'm having a bad day
smiling while you're screaming,
laughing while you drown
just when things start looking up,
i start looking down
breaking all your teeth out
smashing up your face
murder and mutilation
i'm having a bad day
puking in your pockets
arsenic in your tea
it's a good idea
just to stay away from me
singing while you're dying
that everyone must pay
wishing for a chainsaw
i'm having a bad day
no kindness and no mercy
no conscience or remorse
just flames and chains and bondage
pure rage and deadly force
there is no calm or comfort,
there's nothing you can say
total annihilation
i'm having a bad day


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I could not access your website link?

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all the intoxicants! thanks

happy days!

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I love it! nice work

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Thank you! Enjoy your stop motion animated videos too :D

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