Rising Star Giveaway #89 - Win 1000 Starbits (Ends 15 April 2022)

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Hello! Risers...

How is your Star?

Be active and Be Happy! 😅

I reached level-79 yesterday. I do
Music lesson the most currently to
level up. The new map is opened.
But can not do any new missions.
Because of level requirements.
There have a lot of Missions. You
can do mission as you like. I am
doing the best missions daily what I
can do.

I joined the Rising Star 2nd
Birthday Party. I pied 30000
Starbits for that mission.
It will gives an animated


What about you?

I like this Blockchain Game
because it make me happy by
collecting Cards and getting
reward. I spend my free time in this

My Account Status


Fan : Now I have fans 17427
included Temporary Fans.
Temporary Fans is currently 1437.
But Its enough fans in this level.

Skills : I have 35039 Skills included
from music lesson. I have skills
more than fans. So I control my ego well.

Luck : I have only 2037 Lucks. I had
not get any luck in two days.

IM : 310

Total cards : Now I have got 168

I completed 1781 total missions.
If I reached 2000 missions I will get
packs or something as reward.

How are you today?
Ok Today is Rising Star Giveaways day. I am going to announce the
winner for todays Giveaway.

Happy Giveaway Party😁

**Welcome new users! Who
participate in this Giveaway. There
have 5 new participants-

Previous Rising Star Giveaway - 1000 Starbits (ends 11 April 2022)

Good luck! to you all...

26 Users name of participated in
this Giveaway. I going to use
spinner to choose a Lucy person.



Congratulations! @coquicoin please leave a comment and I will send "Starbits" for you. What a grate day winner!


How to participate in this Giveaway?

Today I am very happy. So I make
1000 Starbits Giveaway. I will
choice the winner by using Spinner


  1. Must include your Game Acc
    name with your comment.

  2. Only one person for one Acc.

  3. End Giveaway 15 April 2022.

Rising Star is the best game of the
Blockchain gaming that give
Cryptos. If you have not try it yet
you can use my refer link below


And If you have any questions you
can free freely connect to me >>>

Connect to me>>> Touch Image



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Hello, mate! Please, count me in for the giveaway!!

IGN: @luizeba


please count me in, thank you!
!gif coin rain

count me in
IGN: @amaillo
!Gif dancing-8bits

count me in plz @lipe100dedos

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

Pls count me in!

count me in @supriya.gupta

Count me in @hatdogsensei

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Special mission ​တွေ နဲ့ပါလား မိုက်​နေ​ရော @suhlaing

Let's go!

Congratulations on the new level !
count me in to the giveaway

I want to participate!

@walarhein ထည့်ဖို့ မမေ့နဲ့နော်


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Please vote for pizza.witness!


Three men walk into a bar.
You would think at least one of them would have seen it.

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I want to participate @yeckingo1

Thank for the giveaway


Please count me in for the giveaway @coquicoin

Thank you! And have a good day!

Congratulations! @coquicoin

I just sent starbits for you

Please check your H-E wallet

Thank you very much for the starbits 😄😄


Pls count me in @rafasete

That cake will boost your account I hope!

Thanks broo

count me in @nikoleondas

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count me in. Thank you!

Lets roll @myeong

Please count me in! @lordanquek

count me!

Congratulations to the winner!
I want to participate. @mario02


Thanks for your giveaway and please count me in @tengolotodo
Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)

Thank you for your wish.
Here is for you !PIZZA 😀

Thank you :)

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Lets roll @myeong