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RE: Now Following All Hive Power Delegators!

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Hi there, I came across this post as the @stickupboys reblogged it and I have a lot of respect for the guys.

As a curator for two large curation guilds on Hive and active in anti abuse work, whenever someone offers auto upvotes in return for delegation, it is guaranteed that they will end up upvoting some low effort or shit content even though it's not their intention. People are very quick to catch on these schemes for the sake of guaranteed upvotes. I see you have mentioned weekly audit of the delegation to adjust upvote %, hopefully you will have something in place to monitor content as well because those shit content will be downvoted by the community, and if it continues it will put your project in jeopardy, as we have seen in some previous projects.

The music community is a large and strong one on Hive and is something that can easily bring users together regardless of language. I wish you success with it!


We appreciate your concern and feedback and will take it into account, but we are proceeding forward as planned. I also run multiple other projects on Hive and run similar offerings on those as well and have never had any issues.

Based on your feedback, I edited to post to contain the following disclaimer:

Edit: Based on feedback, we are making this an experimental feature. If we find that we are voting on low grade content from your account, we will remove the auto vote and manually vote your content as we see fit. If it becomes a bigger issue we will discontinue the auto-vote entirely.

Thanks for your response and update @blocktunes, I really appreciate it.

We all have the same ultimate objective here, and that's to grow communities to make the whole Hive ecosystem stronger and bigger, I'm pretty sure we're going to achieve that in the long run!!!

For sure, thanks again for the feedback.

this is a good point! We just want a thriving music community on Hive! Although I will say one thing....if we share a song that takes days if not weeks of is worth a lot of words of blogging....sometimes we feel this is not necessarily appreciated when people look at word counts!

I really don't think most people read a full post anyway. I don't feel that sharing songs and mixes requires an essay either. That's the problem with Hive is the old guard can't get past the need for everything being a 2000 word blog post. I've seen that by writing out instructional posts, you can write out everything in complete detail, but still nobody reads it... Just saying... lol. So yeah, unfortunately it’s not appreciated in a world where communication is dumbed down to 280 characters, lol. I say this as someone that enjoys writing as well, lol.

Well definitely a fine line all of this! Big up the music!