Again Yellow Zone: Fivizzano - Ceserano & Passo del Cucco

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12 June 2021

I finished a 95.59km cycling that lasted about 4hh:0mm:0ss

Hello Hive!

Yesterday in the morning I started a new bike route. This time, I biked to Aulla and continuing to Fivizzano, where I stopped and took a shot. Then I came back, turning to Ceserano and continuing to San Terenzo and Passo del Cucco. I biked passing by the little climb renamed "Spolverina" and biked down to Carrara before returning home crossing La Foce locality.

Harder session than usual, with several kilometers of climb and more than 1200 meters in altitude gain: it is the first time I bike again in a so good elevation gain; the last one dates back to some years ago. In the last climb, I suffered a bit due to a not correctly hydration.

95 Kilometers about / 4 climbs / more than 1200 meters in altitude

To the next ride, exhausters!


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I rode about 80 km yesterday and it really wore on me near the end. I admire you for the length's you can ride seemingly all the time.

I love the gate! How neat to get to ride by architecture like that.

In truth I was very tired too. I finished the longest climb after 70 kilometers and luckily there was a long descent waiting for me :P And anyway 80 kilometers ... they start being a nice mileage :) A !BEER and a !PIZZA for the effort



@wwwiebe! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @davidesimoncini.

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Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...