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RE: AteXoras 🍻 Pub Gathering - Restructuring!

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I signed up for #Hivefest. Don't have any VR stuff yet but suppose I got to start some where, luckily we I still have a couple of weeks yet so I might be able to manifest some thing. Was able to acquire an old disused laptop from work and gave it to a mate who is interested in getting onto Hive. Will be a big bonus for me to get another newbie interested so we can both learn together.
I will checkout @splinternews too l need all the help I can get, recon I am close to breaking out of bronze league.


Nice mate! That's the attitude... My Quest 2 is arriving this week I hope and I am eager to test it out to see the differences compared with Quest v1. Then I am going to throw some of my technical reviews into a post and tie it to some kind of giveaway.

Hey, don't forget to share at least one of your battles into the Pub, for the end of the year giveaway. 77 SPS is becoming very interesting for a giveaway... and I am sure it will go way more than that!

Need to ask for partnerships on showing the giveaway. Might do a post later on.

Enjoy the afternoon, maybe with some !WINE or !BEER
!PIZZA pool for STARBITS have just reset to a new period, and it will be interesting how the supporters of that pool will respond.


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