I Am Now A Certified Weed Handler- Time To Get A Job!

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I am super excited to get my marijuana handlers permit card for the state of Oregon today! Not I can actually go out and get a job in the industry! I just went and put in my resume at my favorite shop and now going to put in some online applications at other places.

I need to get some steady work in pretty bad. Things are tight, but this is certainly some bright green light at the end of a dark tunnel, lol!

Anyway, it's a little short video with some nice London Poundcake along for the dabbin' ride! I picked up a different strain when I went and applied so we will try out the Oregon Punch on the next Weedcash Wednesday!

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Congratulations and good luck finding the job 🤞

Thanks, I think that’s the harder part these days, lol, at least finding something that’s worth it, lol.

Ehh, jobs… they’re all the same (Just Over Broke) 😂

Yep, that's why I quit them in the first place, but now my businesses have me at broke, lol, so gotta get some income coming in so I can bounce back out of this bear market. But if I get a job at a weed shop, I mean, come on, is that really work? LOL! Messing with weed, talking about weed, to me that just sounds like a good day, lol. If I can get paid on top of it, well then, that is alright with me, lol. I should have done it a while ago, but the thought of waving the white flag has had me depressed. Wouldn't be as bad if one of my website clients were to cough up the money they owe me.

I feel you man! I was in exact same situation last year. After 1.5 years of being self employed I realised I just don’t earn enough to pay my bills. I was devastated when I realised I had to get back to the modern slavery.

Getting the job is easy for me. Keeping the job without telling my bosses how stupid they are is another story !LOLZ

Selling weed as a job sure seems like a good like a good compromise. All the best if finding one 🤞

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Great steps in the right direction. Hopefully, the crypto price can rise soon so it isn't too hard on you. Cheers man!

Thanks. I am trying to trade with what little I have, not sure if that's helping or not, lol, but at least it's a step in my right direction. My eventual goal is to be a farmer and a trader and create awesome content about it while making and mixing some music, lol.

Best of luck!


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Damn, a card to handle weed?
The Gov loves to steal from us. LOL


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