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Long Time no Spree, GFL and NFT Inquiry

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So after a long hiatus from the gore, glory and massacres of the splinterlands, I thought it'd only be fitting to purchase a few packs for my comeback. I chose 5 untamed packs.

Old Habits Die Hard:

Not expecting much to come from my gamble, I nonchalantly clicked not bothering to screenshot, didn't help that in the first 3 packs I only got commons and rares with no gold foil in the mix.

But plot twist, my first reveal in the fourth pack started shaking. I smirked, fully aware it wouldn't turn gold, it never turns gold. Ok, almost never turns gold.

So I just let it shake, shake what it's mama gave it until, subverted expectations. Right then a flash beamed across my Dragon Jumper and golden my Dragon Jumper became! Damn!


As you can imagine that made me ecstatic, so much so that I decided to indulge in an old addiction and purchased 10 more packs. This time I was 100% sure I wouldn't pull a GFL because let's face it, I'm not that lucky, but profit had already been made.

Fortunately, even though there was no GFL, this time around my pulls were more diverse. We got some commons, some rares, some epics and some goldies. And now, feast your eyes with my cream de la top pulls!

NFT Inquiry:

Anywho, what's new in the merciless Splinterlands? Also, I remember at one point in the past reading about the possibility of turning splinterland cards into nfts? Would that be done through the individual or the company? And if done by the individual, what would that entail for that nftd card? Say, my Dragon Jumper?


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