3 Ways to Earn on the Hive Blockchain When You are Busy Outside the Blockchain - A Hustling Tip

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Greetings to my esteemed friends on the Hivehustlers platform and the entire hive blockchain. It's another time to share with you hustling tips that'll help you remain relevant on the hive blockchain and still earn even when you aren't blogging. It's your friend @faquan, saying hello from this part of the world.



One of the erroneous views of most people on the hive blockchain is that they believe content creation is the only way to earn rewards on the hive blockchain and this has made many to be and remain frustrated on the blockchain when their contents aren't voted at all or given low upvotes.

So far as the hive blockchain is concerned there are many ways to earn rewards even when you're not active probably due to work schedule and other reasons and with this you're seen as active when you're actually away from blockchain activities and I'll be giving 3 areas you can earn rewards.

Hive Powerup
Hive powerup is an important aspect of hive development and an avenue to increase one's stake on the hive blockchain. The hive blockchain has slated the first day of every month as a day set aside to stake hive, although no one will stop an individual from powering up hive on any day of the month. The Hive Powerup Day is just a ceremonial day to do that.

This on its own have one significant benefit, which is a certain percentage of hive dropping on a daily basis as rewards for powering up your hive tokens.

Providing Liquidity Pools
Another way to earn on the hive blockchain is through providing liquidity pools on the Hive-Engine Side-chain platform. In the area of providing liquidity pools, the individual gets a certain token pair that he or she wants to add liquidity to and move to the Hive-Engine platform. To see how to add liquidity pools [read this] (https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@faquan/my-first-cent-leo-liquidity-achieved-today-an-amazing-pathway-to-a-better-passive-income-stream)

One unique thing about providing liquidity pools is the daily rewards that drops in your wallet on a daily basis without any activity on the blockchain and in some case it's multiple rewards that's received.

Delegating Tokens to Curation Crew
Token delegation is another means of receiving rewards on a daily basis. There are platforms that have been automated and certain percentages given to delegators on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. One of the trusted Curation trail that I'll advise you to delegate both Hive and Leo to is @leo.voter and you'll receive rewards on a daily basis.

Hope you now know that you can earn tokens even without necessarily being active on the blockchain.

Grace and peace to you all