Hustling With Utility in Mind - PolyCUB Utilities Creates More Passive Income Schemes for Hustlers

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Greetings to my esteemed hustlers on the hive blockchain.

Today, I'll like to share with us a unique way of hustling with utility on the hive blockchain and that's through buying some PolyCUB V2 vaults for yourself.



One of the frontline utility of PolyCUB to me is the pHBD-USDC vault. Why do I choose pHBD-USDC vault as the first option? This is because the arrival of pHBD changed the rhythms of PolyCUB and redirected the focus of PolyCUB to more value accrual channels.Source

PolyCUB utilities are represented by the V2 vaults and pHBD-USDC vault is the foremost vault. The arrival of pHBD-USDC vault made the PolyCUB journey more brighter and giving the project more meaning.

Investing on pHBD-USDC vault can earn a hustler the following run for their money: 40% APR and 3-10% APY. Just imagine you having a side-hustle that gives you such an amount of money in APR. Remember that the interest on HBD savings on-chain 20% isn't up to the one offered by pHBD-USDC vault. Currently, pHBD has about $325k liquidity pools, making the token readily available for potential investors to buy.

Also, pHIVE and pSPS are other V2 vaults that makes up the PolyCUB utilities that I'm talking about. The liquidty pools for pHIVE is about $154,779, while pSPS has about $27,270.

It should be noted that the liquidty pools for the combination of the V2 vaults is about $414k, making it the best hustling platform on the hive blockchain.

PolyCUB utilities also include PolyCUB collateralized lending and xPolyCub governance. In terms of collateralized lending, holders of PolyCUB will loan out their tokens and earn rewards on interest.

It'll be very enormous for a hustler like me and you to decide where rewards should tilt to through xPolycub governance. xPolyCub governance gives holders of xPolyCub to vote for important decisions taken in the project and also decide where rewards will go to.

Put your hustling energy in PolyCUB where you can get more yield by just owning PolyCUB.

Thanks for joining the PolyCUB project for multiple yield optimizing opportunities.