HUSTLERM Snapshot for HiveCommerce COM token Airdrop Taken!

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The time has come for the snap shot to be taken of the wallets that are staking HUSTLERM tokens. We are preparing an airdrop for a 1:1 ratio for COM tokens. We will be issuing the tokens directly to your wallet on December 1! We suggest staking your airdropped COM tokens so you can earn a bigger portion of the COM daily payouts!


The remaining HUSTLERM tokens have been sent to null from the @hivehustlers wallet. They have officially been retired. The payout bots have been turned off and they are effectively worthless at this point in time.

Delegation To HiveHustler Now Paying COM Tokens

The delegation to the @hivehustlers account is now paying out in COM tokens!

For the remainder of the year and through the first half of 2022, we will be paying out .05 COM tokens per 1 HP delegated to the @hivehustlers account. This is a 500% APR!

In June, 2022, we will drop this by half to .025 COM tokens which will give a 250% return.

In January 2023, we will drop this one more time to .01 COM tokens per 1 Hive Power delegated to the account. This will be a 100% APR return and will stay that way for the remainder of the COM token issuance! This gives some incentive for people to delegate to our community and help us grow through curation!

New COM Token Distribution

As discussed in our last reminder post, we are going to be paying out in the following amounts:

Staking HUSTLER dollar: 200 COM per day rewards pool
Staking LIST tokens: 200 COM per day rewards pool
LP to LIST/SWAP.HIVE Diesel Pool: 200 COM per day
LP to WEED/SWAP.HIVE Diesel Pool: 200 COM per day

We will be adding this month's COM rewards from the HiveHustlers across the various pools to support those as well! These will not be fresh issued tokens, but will be the COM tokens that this account earns from staking LIST and HUSTLER dollar.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to connect in the HiveHustlers Discord, in the HiveHustlers community chat on or just comment on the post!

Keep calm and Hustle on!

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Can all HUSTLERM be unstaked now?

Yes they can be unstaked and sent to null to be burned

I know what I think it says up there, but just to clarify, there are no longer payouts for staking HustlerM now correct?

That is correct. We will be airdropping the 1:1 COM tokens on the 1ST.

Ok cool, glad I read that correctly. Thanks for the quick response! !PIZZA

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