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RE: Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful...

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The Bull is actually coming to an end.....but not anytime soon ha! Lol.. I’m just so glad that each of my post here is a chance to invest,..while also networking with people...

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Just be careful in Rektember and Rocktober as Bill Nolan from Token Metrics so eloquently put it, lol.

So there’s Rektember and a roktober thing ? Lol wow

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Apparently, 😂 I have heard many other predictions of September/October being the top

I'm also seeing Sept-Oct being mentioned as the end of this bull market. I'm thinking by August I'll be going to stablecoin so I have cash ready on the other side of the all time high.

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I am actually taking vacation on POB, LEO, BEE, and Hive rewards in a month! Taking a month long cross country trip and going to blog about it to rebuild the POB stake that I am cashing out to take the trip. Lol.

Nice I’ll be on the lookout for that....what country are you in?

US, going to see some places we haven't seen and see some friends and family that are on the other side. So it will be a good time.

I am constantly taking profits out of rewards and such to beef up the stablecoin stack. I use to use my Crypto as collateral and have taken a decent loan against it as ‘preprofits’ and put them in cub finance and using that to pay down the loan. Then around that time I am going to be paying off the rest of the loans with my altcoins and keeping my BTC and whatever ETH is left over. Then I just use Defi to keep building stacks for the next round!

I've been compounding my rewards. But, like you, I think it's time I start cashing in. I also have loans to repay. I've been hesitant to move crypto around too much because of the tax consequences. However, I do recognize that if I'm paying taxes, it's because I'm making money.

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Yeah I have been compounding allot as well, but just started taking profits to pay for the trip, because you know, you only live once. I have plenty of other stacks I have been building that is basically set up to rebuild itself, lol. I live crypto and revolving money, lol.

That’s why I use Nexo. Not taxed on loans or the paying back of loans.