Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful...

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As ole Warren B says, 'Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful." That says it pretty plain and simple. The crypto interwebs have been going insane the last few days, giving way too much power to one person, which honestly I think is stupid.

If you look at it in a different way, everything we are seeing is the signs of the biggest buying opportunity of this bull cycle.

As you see, the Fear and Greed Index from shows that the sentiment in the markets is now in 'Extreme Fear'

Everyone and their brother is saying that it is done, we are going into a bear market! Well... if you calm down, turn off the news, and look at the charts, you will see the world is not coming to an end... well at least the crypto world, lol.

Well the smart money are the ones that are absorbing all of this short term pleb money. I know I am one of them, lol. I am loving these sale prices to stack for the long term bags. Now, my leveraged long is still struggling, but now my average buy in is now just above 48k and I am out at 41k so hopefully we hold these levels and head to the north side.

But let's take a look at the charts and see what they say...I showed this in my post yesterday, but let's look at it again and in a different way...

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As you see from the price action, we have dropped to and so far holding the levels that were previously acting as resistance back in January... I talked about this yesterday, and guess what... STILL HASN'T CHANGED!!!

We are still holding that line of support and even have spent most of the last 12 hours at or above the 43k level.

Now we can drop to around the 39k level and still be in good shape for the bull market, but if we break that... then we may be in some trouble... But I am thinking positive!

If you look at the market cipher indicator, you can see that the momentum wave has dropped to levels not seen in quite a long time. The money flow indicator is in the red area meaning money has been flowing out of the asset, but at the same time, the RSI has is now in the oversold territory.

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 9.39.00 AM.png

So I am sitting back and buying the f-ing dip! Michael Saylor sure is with is latest purchase of about $15m worth of BTC at like $43k average price.

So are you a short term meme pleb looking for a quick buck or a long term hard knuckled investor and here for the true future and revolution? Even most that trade this market are still long term holders, but seems that the new kids coming from Reddit are what is driving this panic selling action. So take the signs for what they are, and know that we are still in good shape for this run... So I will take the plebs' money and run, lol!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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I am loving these sale prices to stack for the long term bags

Me too. I don't trade those. Just buy little bits and HODL. 😊

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The Bull is actually coming to an end.....but not anytime soon ha! Lol.. I’m just so glad that each of my post here is a chance to invest,..while also networking with people...

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Just be careful in Rektember and Rocktober as Bill Nolan from Token Metrics so eloquently put it, lol.

So there’s Rektember and a roktober thing ? Lol wow

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Apparently, 😂 I have heard many other predictions of September/October being the top

I'm also seeing Sept-Oct being mentioned as the end of this bull market. I'm thinking by August I'll be going to stablecoin so I have cash ready on the other side of the all time high.

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I am actually taking vacation on POB, LEO, BEE, and Hive rewards in a month! Taking a month long cross country trip and going to blog about it to rebuild the POB stake that I am cashing out to take the trip. Lol.

Nice I’ll be on the lookout for that....what country are you in?

US, going to see some places we haven't seen and see some friends and family that are on the other side. So it will be a good time.

I am constantly taking profits out of rewards and such to beef up the stablecoin stack. I use to use my Crypto as collateral and have taken a decent loan against it as ‘preprofits’ and put them in cub finance and using that to pay down the loan. Then around that time I am going to be paying off the rest of the loans with my altcoins and keeping my BTC and whatever ETH is left over. Then I just use Defi to keep building stacks for the next round!

I've been compounding my rewards. But, like you, I think it's time I start cashing in. I also have loans to repay. I've been hesitant to move crypto around too much because of the tax consequences. However, I do recognize that if I'm paying taxes, it's because I'm making money.

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Yeah I have been compounding allot as well, but just started taking profits to pay for the trip, because you know, you only live once. I have plenty of other stacks I have been building that is basically set up to rebuild itself, lol. I live crypto and revolving money, lol.

That’s why I use Nexo. Not taxed on loans or the paying back of loans.

I'm with you on this one mate. 30% fire sale and if it goes down more, no problem for me, I never invested more than I could afford to lose anyway! I just wish I had a bit of dry powder but I am diversifying into real estate so as to not have all eggs in one crypto basket so to speak!

Happy shopping!

I have been having issues with the real estate thing... I went and have calulated a couple of properties and when you look at how much yield, DEFI is killing real estate, lol. Plus I am not sure I want an asset at the moment that they can take from me. Can't take my crypto! I think if I go the real estate route, I am looking into the rental arbitrage world honestly. Because do you really own real estate? If you are paying a mortgage, the bank still owns it, if you have the deed and don't pay your property taxes, the government can still come in and kick you out... So do you really ever own your real estate? I have really been questioning this for a while because I want to buy some land somewhere to build a solar power farm.

I don't know how it works in the USA but in the UK, you really need to check the property is "freehold" which means that you own the land and the plot/property in the specific area that you are purchasing. Of course, if you can buy a house outright by borrowing against crypto or some other ways then the bank won't need to be involved but for most, getting a mortgage and tying yourself down with a 35 year debt is where most will end up.

For me, I'd just like to have my own place that I can do up then rent it out once I get past the first few years and add to the cashflows from crypto + job then re-invest, wash rinse repeat. It's a big decision and often the case that it's one you make having only spent about 20 minutes looking around the place you're going to buy/move to!

I'm sure you will do your research and look in to all the legalities. Everyone has their own situation, risk, goals etc. As long as you make sure you have enough cash to buy the dips, that's all 😜

Oh I have owned homes before and know that game. But you can outright purchase a property if you want here as well, just be prepared for the tax man to be up your arse wondering where the money came from, lol. Plus they always have a property tax hold on the land so if you don’t pay up, they take it.

Currently I am a vanlifer and loving the nomadic lifestyle. So really if I own any property it will be for income purposes only... meaning my dream of solar farms, which I can have in different places so it give me a place to park when I visit them to check in, lol. I don’t like dealing with people very much anymore so the thought of rental property kinda bothers me.

I have lost everything I owned in a hurricane, so when that happened my brain went into complete minimalist mode and I haven’t gotten out of it after 3+ years.

I love the idea of owning digital property that is mine and that is also liquid if I ever need it for any reason. Which is really hard to do for physical property. But who knows, maybe one day I will settle down, but why? Lol. My life is really pretty kick ass if you zoom out and see the big picture, lol.

just be prepared for the tax man to be up your arse wondering where the money came from

Lol! Yeah I have done deep dives in to taxes here and thankfully, first time buyers get a little benefit that we don't have to pay land tax (we call it stamp duty here, as in stamp more money out of your wallet) and there are some tax benefits I've been looking at taking advantage of - obviously they don't tell you about this!

So really if I own any property it will be for income purposes only

Yeah that's the way to do it and what I'm ultimately aiming for but can't do anything in the first 5 years of the mortgage that would allow me to let it out but that's OK as I have so much shit to be getting on with here that I need 5 years to sort it all out anyway! Plus crypto may have gone to Neptune by then which would make things a little easier!

my dream of solar farms

Have you looked in to Sun Exchange as well? That looks a pretty cool project.

I don’t like dealing with people

Say no more hahaha 😂 I work in customer service and it's definitely testing all my patience!

I have lost everything I owned in a hurricane, so when that happened my brain went into complete minimalist mode and I haven’t gotten out of it after 3+ years.

Ah man, I'm so sorry to hear that 😔 I can see why you would be very hesitant to get back in to the game again. Stick with the hottest digital property of them all (BTC) and just borrow against it if you need cash, live a nomad life, it sounds like it's the right lifestyle for you currently!

nice, feel nomadic myself as it just seems I must keep be a rolling stone lest I gather moss

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I love the life... really not sure if I will ever go back to a ‘normal’ life

my life has never been 'normal', not even sure I know what that means at this point nor do I want more "stuff", crap can own ya' right back
everyone can have a smart house mcmansion and be in a guilded cage and that's what it is imho

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I survived the Cold War, the Y2K panic, and too many smaller scrapes to count. Pretty sure a bear market won't kill me and a bull market won't save me. Life is more than just the panic du jour.

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