Turning An Old Car Into A Solar Power Bank

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You have to learn how to use your resources to their fullest potential. I have an old car parked in storage that I am converting into a solar power bank!

It's a fun little project that is going to turn into a much bigger, long term use for this car, a foldable solar panel that was just sitting in storage, my old RV battery, and an old iMac case! Didn't have to make any additional purchases to get the job done!

I used to use this car for delivery services but it is having some issues and is really not worth even selling at this point. I had a need, and the equipment to pull it off, so why not!

I will be using it to charge battery packs as well as power my micro greens garden that I have been wanting to get set up. My first try at that was a failure, mainly due to power issues, so I am solving that problem!

Hope you enjoy the video and maybe get some ideas of your own!

Here is the YouTube video because 3speak cut off a bunch of it...

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Cool set up and use of what you have around the place. Some things to consider is the heat build up in the car. Solar panels need a cool underside to be effective. Probably and likely why the flexible panels got cooked as most often the case against the roof of a car in the sun.

That is being taken into consideration. I am getting window ventilation covers so I can crack the windows and let the heat escape. Also going to cover the door windows with a sun block netting to help reduce the heat as well. With this set up, there is plenty of room around the panel. Good looking out though.

Awesome, yes many panels are destroyed by heat. I like you set up and video of it. Thanks for sharing an innovative idea.
I will have some work to add to the Hive List store in the coming weeks...need to get a good camera to take those photos first.

Right on! Can’t wait to see what you have!

Really creative way to solve a problem and recycle old things at the same time!

The video was entertaining and you didn't have the problem many people recording on YouTube has of keeping the same intonation while talking during most of the video.


Thanks for the feedback!


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