Fluvial procession

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Lobo batangas fluvial procession

It was my first time watching a fluvial procession because my religion is not Catholic. I'm a Christian. They carried an image of Mama Mary, Jesus Christ, and San Miguel Archangel in their fishing boat. We believe in God and always give thanks for all of our blessings, whether they come from Him or not.

At the Barangay Banalo Lobo Batangas pier.

This area is so beautiful that it contains the majority of the top 20 most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. The beach is very calm and peaceful, which makes you feel better when you are tired and stressed. We have nice weather today. I would like to live here longer because my work is here and I also love to travel anywhere else with my lover to visit nice places. Soon we will dive under this sea. I am so excited to swim with my scuba diving mentor, my lover.

This boat has such a nice decoration The Filipinos are so creative; they carried all the fruits from their farm in it. The only one has the best decoration. God is always good all the time. These fruits are given to the municipality of Lobo by barangay Malabrigo.

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