My raspberry Pi 2 died..

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My raspberry Pi 2 died.. It keeps on cycling through the partitions. I think the SD is broken beyond fixing.
Maybe it is time to switch to the Pi 4


i have interest in Rasp Pi 4 as well, but I guess I won't have enough spare time to tinker with it

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You will find the time or the use case. 😎 Took me some time to start working with Pi.

yeah, actually a lot of web3/blockchain related, like creating my own oracle or running proxies for custom smart-contract execution logics. really tempting, ngl

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How much will a Pi 4 cost?

And what do you use it for?

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Around 260 € in set with sd card, cooler and stuff. But maybe something like this better

I was maybe think about using the Pi4 as small box for the desktop and development completely remote.
It will also host a Grafana. I used to check my progress with trading on hive-engine.
But the Intel machine looks decent.

Is it more a less a real computer, without a monitor, keyboard or mouse?

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Like in the old days... a terminal... basically keyboard and monitor at one place and a long network connection to "main frame". Old habits won't die I guess.😎

or mini microATX and start kicking with DDR5 and good Linux stuff? Lots and lots of applications too! 😋😁

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DDR5 would be massive 💪