Just put up a little portable scratch video for you on the @groove-log ...

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Just put up a little portable scratch video for you on the @groove-logic channel! Go give that account a follow, because the #musicforlife bug is biting good and I am feeling some good content about to come soon!


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In what way is it spam?

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It is most likely because the downvoter thinks that the D.Buzz community and the MusicForLife tag must never mix (because of shortform content on D.Buzz and the vast rewards from using the Vibes tag). 🤔

How is this spam?

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Somebody just called you a spammer. 😯 Perhaps the fact that you used the 'Music For Life' tag on a post on D.Buzz already looks spam for them. 🙁


That was 2 months ago that the person, with only a 23 rep, Karen-Ed me, lol. I would have downvoted the comment if I saw it earlier, lol. No worries.

It looks like the downvoter is using a bot or an app to choose the exact Downvoting Power to zero my VIBES token rewards 🕵️‍♂️. If they don't agree with the VIBES rewards, why totally zero the rewards, and why downvote the comments (which are not supposed to be long all the time) too? 🤔😐