My Actifit RC: 06/22/2022 - I Wish Ukraine Will Be Alive and thrive Forever - I Am Alive Challenge - IAAC #71

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A dear greeting to all lovers of physical activities that populate the mythical community of Actifit.

Today, unlike usual, I will integrate my report with my thoughts on the drift that the world is taking.

The sky this morning was presented with a showy layer of humidity mixed with smog that cleared much of the visual horizon in a clear celestine.

Fortunately, the plants have formed a thick canopy which creates a barrier of oxygen from the air entering my house from the balcony.

This afternoon I was in the cool of the air conditioner by a friend of mine who needed a hand with his computers. Look how happy I am to be part of the iamalivechallenge today bringing to 71 episodes of my story among my friends of the alive tribe.

In the afternoon I went down very late to jog only twice along the running track around the town hall also because I had accumulated many steps between the various services and household chores.

On my return home I stopped to reflect on how the human race has reached such a point of madness that it is now slowly taking us to what should never have happened. It is absurd that in the third millennium in which technology is leading us to conquer space, everything is being done to bring about a third world war.

My solidarity goes to all the peoples at war not by their choice and to all those threatened by war and the presumption of some old fool who can’t wait to disintegrate the achievements of millennia of Earth civilization to establish a disorder based on dictatorship, the bombs and the tyranny.

Finally, my prayer goes to all the fighters for freedom and the love of democracy. For those who still dream that a better world can still exist. To whoever gives his body, his limbs and his soul against the barbarity of a people that feels so presumptuous and invincible to be able to use all the violence that he seems against those who did not want to submit to his yoke.

Other friendly peoples are threatened and such violence can no longer be tolerated, and the time has come to lift our sleeves and get down to work so that the ideals of democracy and freedom may triumph over the darkness of the power of evil.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and see you at the next actifit report

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