My Actifit Report Card: August 5 2022 - I Am Alive Challenge - IAAC #106

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A dear greeting to all lovers of physical activities that populate the mythical community of Actifit.

My Iamalivechallenge 106 begins with a tense and humid wind that prevents from the sea. The sky is light blue color exchanged by the effects of smog and high humidity. Some white clouds begin to timidly make the appearance already at lunch time.

Around 16:00 I go down to do my usual jogging tour but the weather was surprisingly threatening. A dense net of mammatus filled the center of the sky and seemed to turn to the worst. So I divert the route to the supermarket to recycle the plastic bottles and do the shopping. I had accumulated 100 empty bottles for a total of € 2 spent saved.

After consulting the radar and satellite on the internet I drew the conclusion that it would not come to rain. The origin of the bad weather was far away and the high pressure on the western side of the peninsula prevented the clouds from condensing. In addition to the damage also joined the mockery because the heat felt was superior with that covered with clouds in the sky.

Not bad, the heat did not discourage me, because after doing the shopping, I walked to the race track around the municipal park Fratelli de Filippo. Here I did three laps of the track before returning to the city streets.

And here I am celebrating my day alive with the Hulk. He reflects a bit of my gritty character and is also a good way to greet friends who participate in the Macfit tournament.

After a long ride I went through the streets where the patron saint party is being held. Tonight there will apparently be a concert. Here our dear Madonna of the snow has given us a breathtaking sunset and everything seems ready for the evening ridge.

Returning home the sun, which in the afternoon had not really been seen, emerges from a thick cloud on the horizon to greet me and tell me that he is there and is always present to punish our mistakes with the climate. He lets us know that we were not happy that it warmed us up but that we humans did everything we could to compete with him.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and see you at the next actifit report.

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