My Actifit RC: Nov 24 2022 - I Am Alive Challenge - IAAC #211 - Naples city tour

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A dear greeting to all lovers of physical activities that populate the mythical community of Actifit.

While another Atlantic disturbance such as Monday approaches menacing the center of the Mediterranean, another fabulous sunny day has been repeated today. Besides being good weather it was also very hot.

The good weather and the heat make me want to go out for a tour of control of how tourism is going in Naples in this period and after lunch at 15 I find myself at the Via Duomo station, also because the subway, due to a breakdown, had stopped there.

Today I focus my attention on the famous metropolitan cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta or the majestic Cathedral of Naples where the relics of San Gennaro the patron saint of the city are kept.

Finally, after some attempts gone empty, I found open the rich ecclesiastical monument that holds, beyond the bare and the ampoule with the miraculous blood of San Gennaro, also precious treasures and works of art of undoubted historical value.

Today I celebrate my #iamalivechallenge 211 under the wonderful frescoed dome of the chapel of San Gennaro. It represents the Paradise in which I intruded with my big face behind me on top there is God rather displeased by my intervention.

Here is the dome without my head to hinder the masterpiece of Giovanni Lanfranco who was a master who also frescoed other churches of Naples including that of the New Jesus.


As said San Gennaro is the protector of Naples that keeps the city safe from disasters and pestilence. It is invoked when there are eruptions of Vesuvius so that the mountain stops its destructive fury and, it seems, that the mountain, which vomits lava and mud indicated, has his intercession at heart. Beliefs and rites that fascinate scholars from all over the world.

My second stop is in San Domenico Maggiore and I notice, with my great pleasure, that the light is ideal for taking magnificent photos of the obelisk of the square.

It’s a really lucky day because it’s the first time I can take such a sharp picture of a statue above a spire to date.

My third stop takes me to Piazza del Gesù Nuovo hoping to find the scaffold of the work that is renovating the facade of the church removed but unfortunately even today I can not immortalize the beautiful esoteric architectural work.

In the meantime, the sun is setting and temperatures are beginning to drop sharply.

Then it’s time to take the road back to Piazza Borsa where there is the colorful University station.

Since I had inadvertently turned off the Actifit app and much of my journey was not registered I take the bus to take those steps that allowed me to reach the milestone of 10k.

Even if I go further unnecessarily because then I will get far beyond my goal prefix time has not been raised because I had the opportunity to insert the Christmas atmosphere already alive in this report of Actifit.

Finally I would like to thank all my friends from the tribe of Alive and all the new friends who happened between the lines of my stories for reading my thoughts and see you at the next actifit report.

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Wow, now I should officially call you our tour guide of the city of Naples. :) Such lovely places and thank you for taking the time to go out and share them all with us :) I could never get the actifit to work on my mobile so I never tried using it. Happy weekend to you! Keep the photos and stories coming! We appreciate you a lot :)

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What a beautiful place. Thanks for the virtual tour.

Yay! 🤗
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Did you know that the first french fries weren’t cooked in France?
They were cooked in Greece.

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