Il mio Report Actifit: Giugno 20 2022

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Hello everyone,

place yesterday's acrivities today. last night here I went home I was tired so I said to myself, I close my eyes for a couple of minutes and then I set ... I woke up at 6.00am in the morning.

Yesterday I chose a route near home. A path that I hadn't done for a long time. It turned out to be more challenging than expected. TESA DI SOPRA goal.

departure PONTE CIGOLI. the route is part of the park of the hills that I had begun to explore when I created this column.

The very first part starts immediately steep. At the end of the climb there is a nice flat stretch that allows you to catch your breath. everything is coming up. 10 minutes and the worst passes.

along the path there are other grafting points.

from here you can go directly to the small church of S MARIA IN PIANELLO. I'll get there later. I continue towards my decided goal.

at the crossroads I decide to turn right. both ways activate at the same point. on the left it rises gently but steadily. to the right it goes flat and then climbs steeply.

The advantage of the road on the right is that you can breathe and still see a landscape that is covered by trees on the other side.

after a few minutes I arrive at the point where the two paths meet. Here I turn right and immediately see my destination.


I don't know the history of this place. I have always seen it abandoned. a shame. There are openings from which you can enter to explore but I didn't feel like taking the risk.

then in front there is a well. if you look closely maybe you see the moon.

in part there is another structure barely visible because it is completely covered by vegetation. you can also log in here.

abandoned places have always fascinated me. I think I'll be back to explore the interior a bit.

from here you go up for a while and then you start to go down. destination S MARIA IN PIANELLO. en route I enjoy sncora the view.

and some maps and signs that describe the flora of the place.

from here on and all downhill. the path rejoins the stretch of the ancient via Valeriana.

From here to get to PILZONE where there is the bell tower with the fig on the roof, it takes 4.10 hours of walking.

Practically you have to climb up the mountain. I think it's worth it. I will do it.

S MARIA IN PIANELLO seen from below during the return.

and a group of mallards swimming in the little water that allows this drought.

For today is hall.


I am alive and I am still here

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