My Actifit Report Card: March 13 2023

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Spring is coming and we're gonna be outside more often. There is gonna be another season and for us Persians another year will start
I look around and i see that love and life is everywhere. Love is in the air. We just have to breath but us humans forget the simplicity of being alive and that's when confusion and anxiety comes

Look at this amazing creatures. Look how happy and vibrant they are. I feel so blessed to have them in my life

As always @kam5iz had delay in getting ready so Me and Milo along with Smarty and Shaylon (who are living on the alley apparently) had to wander around and wait for him.
Finally he came and we all were walking and looking around
until we arrived at this situation

Shaylon got scared a little and didn't come any further and the rest of us continued

We were heading to the woodsy side of the village but we remembered that we have shopping to do so we changed our direction but not before taking pictures of that garden we were in

The path to the store nearby was lovely.
We enjoyed our every step

We arrived at a alley and we separate our way. @kambiz went for shopping and we three head to the soccer field at that area

@kam5iz came and we all got very excited and happy to join together

Then we went to a quiet place to relax, play and do some yoga

Unfortunately my phone died and i couldn't take pics from the rest of the hike

Thank you for reading my report
Have a wonderful time ✨🙏

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Daily Activity, Dancing, Hiking, Yoga
166.0 cm
67.0 kg
Body Fat


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Good report my babe.. I enjoyed again

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