Rest is usually a good solution - My Actifit Report Card: maggio 25 2023 - My Alive staking and question why Actifit is so bad considered

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All photos by @stewie.wieno

My Daily Diary

Rest brought healing. My headache has thankfully cleared up and I'm better. I didn't trust going to work by bike, because the weather was still uncertain but I still managed to do the walk.
I did the shopping, we had dinner and as we drove to theater class, the weather began to get darker and more threatening. Luckily we didn't encounter the rain, but we had to make detours because many roads were flooded. We crossed fields that had become huge puddles. It wasn't easy.
The rehearsals went quite well. I'm a little tired, but still happy. I am definitely alive!

Another good day to be Alive and Thriving

I staked the Alive accumulated during the week. Net of the 20% I burned, I managed to accumulate 45 Alive. I'm happy even if I always hope I can do better. I am also continuing to do activities which is the most important thing. I'm just sorry that #Actifit and its reports are being abused a little by the Hive community. There are several frontends, even important ones, such as #Leofinance, that don't display #Actifit reports. I understand that most of the reports are not of great quality, but there are users who are committed to making them interesting, worthy, and having feedback from these communities could be a source of inspiration and personal growth.

This was Awesome!

The rehearsals for the show are proceeding. I'm starting to feel a little performance anxiety, but I think it's a good thing!

Here some pics taken by me today:

Who is stewie.wieno?

Hi, i'm stewie and since I had back problems I realized that I had to take better care of myself. I am very lazy, but following my doctor's advice, I try to focus on getting some activity every day. "Better a little but constant, than a lot once in a while!"

I work in the office, I love travelling, doing improv theater and spending time with my girlfriend. My favorite animal is the giraffe (but I also love dogs) and I'm passionate about home economics and saving.

I discovered Hive in July 2021.

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