FREE Giveaway. Win a WEED miner to celebrate 4-20!

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That's right my first giveaway is here. Win a WEED miner (WEEDM) on 4-20.


  1. Post a comment. Could be anything (keep it clean though lol) or you could simply comment with the word "contest". Auto generated/ bot comments do not count.

  2. Re-blog this post so others can join in

Either one of these actions will qualify you for the giveaway, but feel free to do both :)

That's it. Deadline to enter is April 19 11:59 pm (New York Time). I will choose a random winner using and the winner will be announced on April 20th on a separate post.

Upvotes are appreciated but not required to win.

Only one entry per account.

This is the first giveaway. If this is something the community likes I may do more in the future 🦄


I need that miner

Interesting contest. I don't have a weed miner yet but I don't mind having one.

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I'd like to enter for a chance to win. Thanks.

4:19, got a minute?

As the seagulls from finding Nemo would say... “MINE MINE MINE MINE”

I would like to win that miner, so I sign up for the contest!

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Cool giveaway! I’ll reblog for more exposure:)

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

I need my #WEED min

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please add me in the draw
thank you

i have reblogged for more exposure

Thanks! You are entered

Great contest 👍 I have already reblogged it

Thank you :)

Lets goooo!!

You should mine what you love. Thus I am here

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Well why not ...

I've re-posted worse for less LOL

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ha ha lol

This is brilliant! Thanks so much for doing promotional contests on Hive. This place has the best energy on the internets.

Thanks. It's fun for me too 🦄

Post a comment. Could be anything

Anything. :D

Just joking.

I would like to participate in the giveaway.
I upvoted and reblogged this giveaway. Hopefully more people will participate in it. Thank you for doing it.


I'll take a hit to that!

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I would like to join this weed contest. Need coffee too.

Am I winning?
Re blogged :)

mmm coffee

I'm in 🎰


Cool giveaway!

Im definitely in! Lol

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OK, I'm in.😎

omg that's hilarious and adoreable.

That’s awesome thanks for the cool giveaway. Good luck to the entries! Would love to snag a weed miner. Happy 420!

Gotta be in it to fucj it.

Hey he said keep it clean, fucker

lol what you want to do with it is your business ha ha

Fuck that I want that dirty shit.

Please oh please don't get this fucker on a tangent, he goes on some fucked up shit.

I really need a Weed Wacker for my garden, but a Weed miner will do just fine.

I don't know what it is... but I want it :)

lol nice

I honestly don't know yet what that miner does (I would research on it after this) but here I am commenting 'contest'. Lol


I never own a miner. I'm actually curious! Thanks for the chance :)

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Thanks for participating :)

I'm interested in winning the miner!

Awesome. You've been entered

well, if you're all out of weed majors, i guess a miner will do

Sounds good. I could do with a miner!

Happy 4:20 ☂️

yeah mad. bring it.

Mine weed everyday!!! 😉


The comments on this contest are gold 🤣 Love it. Thanks for the giggles

lol yeah. They are fantastic

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