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RE: HIGHlight's From The Cannabis Community

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Hahah yeah, I really upped my male game recently! But that's not really a skill most of us need or want. At least I've got pollen if I need it :D

Does anyone know why the price of WEED has collapsed? Was there an announcement I missed? I see today the price has essentially dropped right to zero. There are no buyers at any price for this token. You can walk into the market and pick up hundreds of thousands of tokens without spending a single HIVE. Pretty incredible. What happened? I invested in/earned/held a lot of WEED at much higher prices and feel like maybe I shouldn't have done that.


Not sure. Guess there is way more buyers then sellers. above my area of expertise. But what about that Hive pump? Pretty sweet eh

Just wondering if anybody heard anything, some announcement, or something major changed... but yeah I guess it's just a supply and demand thing. Perhaps it's a good time to buy a whole bunch for basically nothing?
The HIVE pump is great, back down to 75c now, but hopefully after a pullback it will resume the uptrend.