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RE: WEED Diesel Pool Now Has Liquidity Provider Rewards! WEEDFI!

Awesome!!!!! Noticed that I went to 19% from 26% which means more people are joining.


yeah, I would love to see the markets move to these diesel pools. The traditional are outdated, lol. WEEDFI for the win!

I would love to know who these pools work in the background, like how it generates fee increases according to the size of the trade.

You would have to go digging into the documentation on for that info... I couldn't tell you.

I can't wait to start throwing more funds into this and get back up in percentage a little bit more.

Hopefully we will see a huge shift soon.

Best thing about these liquidity pools is that you can cash out easily.

That helps everyone!

Anyway thank you so very much really appreciate all of your hard work!