WeedChat Wednesday - What is Your Favorite Smoking Hideaway

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What's happening everyone! Today's WeedChat is coming at you from the riverside, because you know me, I am the dude livin' in the van, down by the river!

It's a fun life, and I can find all kind of fun places to go chill and burn some good cannabis!

Today's choice is the Future X prerolls from Exotic Blends.

But what I and the rest of the community wants to know...

What is your favorite smoking hideaway?

Is it out in the woods?
At home?
Out in the toolshed?

Take yourself back to the old days if you have to when you use to have to hide out from your parents or the cops to get a good burn on.

Anyway, that's my little community engagement WeedChat for the week, hope you have a good one and see you next Wednesday!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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never got better than weed in cars for me. Today is peppermint Kush and tangie dream

Posted via weedcash.network

Yeah I for sure love to chief and cruse, lol. It's how I learned to drive basically from the time I met my best friend, lol. I always say my granddad taught me to drive, but my best friend taught me to drive high and fast, lol.

Great talk man, you where totally felling that. Yeah I love this place, and in fact i never had a real savings account until i started to stack steem, now Hive. But not only that, it has tought me to be better with my fiat as well.

Back in the day when I lived in Kentucky, we used to love cruising on the backroads. We could get lost for hours, and there would never be any cops in site. Now a days I hate to cruise and smoke, I love to smoke at home now.

Ah you are a fellow southern boy! Lol. Born and raised in good ole Bama, got kin folk in Kentucky

Corporate rat race. Classic. I can't wait until I retire. I look forward to lighting it up on those days. Around the 8-min mark your audio cuts off. Just an FYI. It may be on my end though. Have a good one.

I've watched it all the way through, it's all there, thanks though. And you can get out of the corporate rat race whenever you want. You just have to make that leap of faith and have something to fall back on. I left Apple after 8 years over a year and a half ago and have never looked back! It can be done, but the first step is a scary one, lol.