Taking The Fuzzy Board Walk To Langford Lake Beach

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What up my Peep's welcome to the Daily @D00k13. Heading out to Langford Lake on this gorgeous day for my first serious walk on the boardwalk since I had back surgery I find myself regaining a fair bit of mobility by using a cane. Sun was shining and people were active, I felt good though rather sore by the end of the 25-30 min trek. The lake was gorgeous as always which I was happy to turn back after spending a few moments enjoying the waters edge .It was a good first real walk having even spotted 2 eagles though my GoPro does not have the quality nor zooming to really mention capturing it. By the end of it Jerry was pooped taking a nap in the car. Having not been getting the usual activity for nearly 3 weeks now, Jerry and I are both showing it on the waist lines.

Time For Some Disc Golf?

Alright right to the chase, this subject of recovery I keep wanting to document is probably one of the most difficult things I have had to do. Not only is it challenging on the point of actually doing the exercise and recovery but it is emotionally taxing. I believe I have been feeling unconfident on camera due to this and in many cases stop recording myself when normally I would push through. Right now I am working towards playing some Disc Golf again and really want to capture that and how I play as well as my recovery in terms of my game getting better. Anyways my next life vlog will be some of the footage that I have captured while I have 2 other videos coming up I'm not sure in what order they will arrive. One video is a demonstration of how to do easy quick video edits while the other is the DTube News for the 1st reviewing DTube's RichList & Leaders.

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