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Hive is alive, and this is Hive Today.

Hive Today is a weekly newsletter for the decentralized Hive network. Hive is a blockchain-based social app platform. This newsletter provides a summary of Hive apps and games development news. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Hive Hard Fork 25 is Coming - June 30th.

Hardfork 25 release date is set to June 30th. The date could shift to allow more time for testing. Take a look at last week's HiveToday for a summary of changes. An excellent overview of all the hardfork changes was captured by @crimsonclad on Cyberbuzz Radio. The recording is found below:


This Week in Hive-Powered dApps, Tribes, & Tokens

Hive powers a growing number of decentralized apps (dApps). Since they all run on the same chain, one Hive account can access every app. Here's a quick summary of the Hive app landscape.

Haveyoubeenhere 2.0 App Launch

@martibis and @haveyoubeenhere, the Hive-powered travel blogging dapp, released version 2.0 this week. The beautiful apps are available for iOS and Android in the respective app stores. The goal of this release is to "make it faster and easier to create high-quality content whilst traveling".

See it in action:

Hive.Loans Begins Beta Testing Phase

@klye's Hive.Loans project entered beta testing phase this week. Hive.Loans allows parties to request a liquid Hive loan using staked Hive Power as collateral. Beta keys are being distributed to early investors who purchased HLSHARES and whoever can come up with the best joke.

PeakD Communities Updates

The PeakD team rolled out some updates to communities this week. Communities can define default and required beneficiaries. Setting a beneficiary routes a portion of author rewards to an alternative account. can be used to moderate and automatically remove posts that don't set the required beneficiary.

In addition, Communities can now define public post templates and add a curated content collections page.


This Week in Hive-Powered Games

Hive is home to a growing number of blockchain games. Here's a quick summary of updates for Hive games.

Exode Expands Exploration and Colonization Features

This week Exode team member @elindos shared updates on what to expect for colonization and exploration of planets in the game. Each NFT planet has a staggering 2,000 unique, randomly rolled attributes. If you haven't discovered your planet yet, it's not too late!

Splinterlands Unveils 13th Untamed Airdrop Card

This week @Splinterlands unveiled the next card in the Untamed airdrop series. These cards are dropped randomly to players who've purchased Untamed packs from the Splinterlands store. #13 is Gorlodon, a 9 mana epic melee death splinter card.


Upcoming Hive Community Events and Meetups

  • DACH Virtual Meetup @ June 20th, 2021 [info]


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Art by @doze
Art by @doze

Sweet I need to get a portland Oregon meetup going soon. We miss holding them. Awesome job!

Do it!

Gold meeting and outing coming up. And my martial arts traing... Then dog too.

Thanks for the news. Lot of things to catch up with. Great to see lot of stuff going around hive. We are truly growing .

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Thanks for reading! Always something new popping up on Hive.

a large and very beautiful ecosystem

Indeed it is. Large and growing

this was a good read, your doing good :)
keep it up

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Woah in beta? hallelujah!

Yep gonna be intresting in the coming weeks :)

It’s here at last! Praise the almighty



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A good update, I am looking forward to the HF, I hope people understand the date can change if something major comes up in testing.

Yep! This coming hardfork sounds like a good one!