I Finally Hit A Hive Milestone: 70 Reputation!

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Well it took long enough, but I finally hit the big 70 on the good ole Hive reputation! Honestly still not too sure how that is calculated and some say it's not the best indicator for rep, but hey, it's definitely something I look at when interacting with Hivians. Let's me know how long they have been around and how active they are.

I feel like it took me forever to get here, I sat at a 69 rep for what seemed like ever, lol. I figure I am a pretty reputable guy here on the chain. I have done some things like build some communities with @hivelist and @hivehustlers and now @blocktunes as well as being highly involved in the Weedcash network and others.

I run a Hive Engine witness, and happy to report that I am now also running a backup Lite node for that witness so that if any issues happen like they have in recent times, I will be able to quickly get up and running. So if you like what I do and have some WORKERBEE, please go and vote!

I one day look to run a Hive witness node, but will have to have some secure income from other sources to cover the server costs for that, because unless you are in the top 20, you are running at a loss. But, that is a goal to have done by end of 2022 or early 2023.

I love the Hive blockchain! Even though I dabble in other ecosystems, Hive is like home for me. It's my everyday chain. It's my online family! Not to mention one of my main sources of income at the moment, lol. So please show some love to this post, lol cause the dude has bills to pay, lol.

Now that I have hit that 70 number, my goal is to come after the big boys like @taskmaster4450 and @jongolson lol. Anyway, love you all!

Thanks for your support over the last 3.5 years!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Congratulations! And an even longer way ahead to 80. 🙂

Yeah, that's what I am hearing, lol.

Hah I've still not entirely figured out how its calculated either. Higher HP upvotes seem to give more rep, and I believe every number is 2x as hard as the previous? So 71 rep will take twice as long as getting from 69 to 70. But never read an actual explanation of the entire thing lol.

It’s a grind for sure, however it works, lol. Just glad to get here, lol.

Congrats. It only gets harder and harder as you go. 💯

Right on man, great achievement!

Smoke an L to celebrate! lol

Well done, effort equals reward I guess?


Thank you sir! Was wondering when it was ever going to cross over lol

Congratulations! Stick to your game and you will reach 80 in no time ;)

@thelogicaldude Can you check your hivelist email. I am trying to set up a store but have an issue. Thanks

I am traveling this weekend so I will check it when I get a chance to get on the computer.