The Dude's Going Back To School For Hive - Learning JavaScript and PHP- Would Love Course Suggestions

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So I have made an executive, Dudely decision. So I want everyone to stop what you are doing and read this!

Nah, really, just trying to get your attention, but yeah I have decided to get back into some coding classes! I feel like I need to be a bit more skilled to become a better asset to the blockchain! Being that I am mainly a Wordpress guy and the fact that I know my way around it pretty well, I am going to focus my education on JavaScript and then PHP. But I am still up in the air so I would love some suggestions from some devs out there!

Why JS and PHP?

Well the reason I am choosing to focus on those languages are that they are really the primary languages of Wordpress, well PHP more so, but you can incorporate any JS script into your build that you need. Plus they are useful languages for allot of things out there in the interwebs.

Really the main reason is that I want to be able to utilize my strengths to better incorporate and build more tools for people to easily build their own full on Hive front ends!

Having gotten a taste of working with some Node JS working with the Hive Engine nodes, and even in creating my own EVM based NFT collections, I am also wanting expand my knowledge of that as well.

This will all help me become not only a more well rounded developer, but also more of a developer asset for the blockchain overall! This can be my way of using my old Wordpress skills for a really awesome usecase and create new tools and or help fix existing ones like some of the payment plugins and maybe one day a Hive Keychain login connection for Wordpress where you can create our Wordpress site account with Hive! They have that functionality with EVM chains, so why can't we have that?

Why So Much Wordpress Focus

Well, Wordpress, unless you have been living under a rock, is one of the top content management systems on the internet, and in fact is said to power over 30% of the websites on the internet.

This makes it really fairly easy for people to be able to build amazing sites using tools that already exist so they don't have to start from the ground up. For a small business or a blogger wanting to step up their game, it's allot easier to build a Wordpress site than it is to code it from scratch.

Having more tools for Hive on Wordpress would be an amazing way to open up an entirely new set of users to Hive. I really think Wordpress is very over looked in the community by core devs.

So I want to fill the gap! I am not seeing allot of Wordpress focused developers in the community, so I'll just have to try and be that dude! I have some javascript experience from the past, but seriously rusty. My issue is has been a long time since I went to school and things have changed bit, so I am needing a good refresher.

Any Suggestions

I am looking at starting using the free courses using CodeAcademy, as well I am on the bear market budget, so at the moment this means free or nothing, lol.

If you know of any better courses that are free, I would love to get all the resources I can together! I am sure the community would love to know as well so they can maybe expand their education!

If you think I am crazy and need to be putting my focus elsewhere, then let me know that in the comments too, lol. I would love to hear from some of the devs out there like @rishi556 @blainjones or even someone like @blocktrades or @howo... You know gotta reach out and ask at least! If anyone has any feedback, I would love to know!

Until next time...

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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I've been mostly working on learning how to develop websites with next.js and it's stack of add ons.
Not got very far yet but getting somewhere slowly. :D

I still need to check out the hive-pay wordpress plugin. Last few months have been all over the place I just haven't had time on my computer outside of my usual stream time. (which happens to be my manditory unwind time)

Perhaps once you've learned enough you'll probably be able to fix it yourself. :D

Hoping so, lol. Just getting back into it at this point. Nothing else is working, so I guess it's time for more education. is where I started my journey. I recommend it.

Yeah working on their JS course! Thanks!

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I want to learn too. Looking froward to what people say.


This is most excellent ! I too am learning java PHP and python, so I can get my front end re-connected to Hive. I have projects games and tools I am working on and this year would like to wrap it all up with a nice Hive-Tube site. Right now my domains just point to peakd pages. I am definitely in support of this, learn all you can! !PIZZA

yeah, it's going to have to be on some downtime here and there but I am trying to learn as much as I can to try and build some good tools in the future.

I would suggest you also take a look at SQL. The idea behind HAF is to make all Hive's blockchain data easily accessible and available for computation using SQL queries. Basically it allows you to create a custom API for your frontend web site (and it also allows you to re-use HAF apps already built by others).

Thanks for the suggestion! Will certainly add it to the course list.


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